Jeff Duff’s Top 20 tubes Nov-Dec 2016

Posted on 18th December 2016
What were the most popular of Jeff Duff’s youtubes and vimeos over the last month?
The Duff Rover has been at work again, collating these statistics, including the number of extra views-per-tube from November to December.
Here are links to the Top 20, in order of extra views (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) and then some stats:
Easy Street
MacArthur Park
Easy Street
Take a walk on the wildside
Give me back me brain/Duff record
Stairway to Heaven
Studio 10 interview
Walk on the wildside
Tower of madness
Space Oddity
Easy Street
Walking on eggshells
Walk on the wildside
Fragile Spaceman (Keady)
Guillotine quickstep
Le Poseur
Walking in Memphis

Some interesting points about this Top 20:
  • Although Duff’s performance in the ’70s of Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show is—with more than 64,000 views—far and away the most popular overall, the biggest increase across all Duff ‘tubes was for his performance of Easy Street on Mornings with Kerrie-Anne (Channel 9, Australia); almost doubling in views (albeit from a much smaller base of about 400 at the start of November). There was also a 67% increase in views of the live performance of this song by Duff with The Grand Wazoo.
  • Most of these Top 20 vids were of Duff/Kush originals and/or single releases: not only performances of Easy Street, but also a couple versions of Walk on the wildside, and his MacArthur Park on the Ray Martin Midday Show. Each of these had more than 300 extra views over the past month.
  • Also popular were Duff’s TV performances in the UK (on the Old Grey Whistle Test) and Germany of singles from his first solo album—Give me back my brain, and Tower of madness—as well as the title-tracks from his two most recent solo albums: Walking on eggshells and Fragile spaceman.
  • Performances by Duff of Bowie songs were not as popular as performances of his own songs. Only three performances of Bowie material made it into this Top 20.
  • Even looking at the next top 20, most of the videos were of Duff’s own songs, Kush songs, or signature covers—but performances of Bowie songs generally had no more than two more views each from November to December. This is surprising given the run of Duff-Bowie shows of late: It seems that a lot of people get interested in seeing more Duff-does-Duff after seeing his Bowie shows than seeing more Duff-does-Bowie (albeit there are more Duff-does-Bowie tubes out there, and so the views for them are more dispersed).
  • Most of these vids also make up the all-time greatest number of views, led, as usual, by Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show, followed by Stairway to Heaven on the ABC, the Take a walk on the wildside video, and MacArthur Park on the Midday Show; and then including, at #5, a live performance of Someone like you (Van Morrison cover). Total views across 237 Duff videos (including duplicates) was close to 360,000 at the start of December.
So: is a Jeff Duff originals-only show timely?
More Duff tubes here.
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– rodg.

Puff stuff

Posted on 21st October 2013

The Grande Dame of Australian TV, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, introduces the Jeff Duff Orchestra doing “Puff the Magic Dragon” live for the nation:

 We don’t quite know what to expect from him, but we always love it. A wonderful performer. And his latest group – it really is an incarnation. It incorporates a string section. They’re playing some support shows for Dionne Warwick, who’s just wonderful (dates up on your screen …).
And possibly, I reckon, the only man in Australia who could get away with singing this song in the ’90s – please welcome the Jeff Duff Orchestra! Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Like K.K. says, this is a Jeff Duff Orchestra performance, recorded on their Alone and paranoid album – catalogued on this site here.

Only 12 views on this youtube as of posting – how high and fancy can Duffophiles go?

Anyway, no true Duffophile goes past a chance to witness Duff, as also intro’d by Kerrie-Anne, doing “Spinning Wheel”, in full-pound, on midday TV:

Read all the youtube comments here, too … You want to get excited, don’t you, and be a rebel with a cause? e.g.:

 Amazing voice! He ->must<- be inducted into the Australian Musos Hall of Fame. I remember my older siblings had his records and have since youtubed all Kush's stuff. He (and Kush), is/are just awesome. 

 man he’s got a good voice he should have tried out in the USA 

 saw this one early morning, and have never forgotten!! 

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– rodg.