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Posted on 22nd December 2017

When Jeff Duff‘s beautiful album Fragile Spaceman was reviewed on David Bowie‘s official website, on 1 February, 2011:

Ziggy gets a similar treatment to the rest of the album with its understated and fragile production … a completely different approach to the original, but a successful one nevertheless.

“There truly are some beautiful moments on this album and Jeff is in extremely fine voice. [I]f you get a chance you should check it out … or better still, buy yourself a copy.”

The full article on is here.

The author of this review, the erstwhile TotalBlamBlam, nevertheless expressed some stress in reviewing the art of Duff alongside that of Bowie. Ziggy Stardust “almost sounds out of place” on this album, he felt. But why? Listen to the words, flow with the feels, and you’ll only get as surprised as you ought to be.

Bowie’s web-master then celebrated the cross-over of these gents-des-l’arts in offering a pic of Bowie in a sailor suit, trying to match, for beauty, that of Duff on the cover of Fragile Spaceman. So Blam concluded shis review with a nod, doff, and kind of curtsy to both these artists at once … ideating that

“Jeff’s been wearing sailor clobber for some time now … just sayin’ … great minds, etc.”

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– rodg.
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