Duff in the Neighbourhood, and his apartment

Posted on 12th June 2017

Close encounters with Jeff Duff featured in the Neighbourhood Paper for 7 June—including video of Duff escorting the viewer about his apartment, and so his wardrobe, sports trophies and assorted memorabilia.

Jeff Duff featured in the Neighbourhood Paper June 2017

… & for more of Duff as "the cat in the hat", look here

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Duff-Bowie neighbourly digs

Posted on 8th May 2014

cenralsyd_2014.05.08_1Duff and Bowie as neighbours in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, in the late 80s/early 90s: Read all about it in today’s Daily Telegraph Central Sydney News Magazine front-page article. It includes quotes from Duff, a pic of Duff at the very café where they quaffed tête-à-tête, and even an aerial pointer to Bowie’s waterfront apartment. Apparently Bowie and his Tin Machine gang also came crowding Duff’s gigs at Round Midnite at the time.

Bowie’s Sydney sojourn late 80s/early 90s was so secretive it’s not even mentioned in a 2010 “definitive biography” of Bowie. But trawling through the archives here at the Institute for Duffological Studies, we do indeed find a contemporary report: A 1990 (Jan 17) article in Pix magazine re Bowie’s mysterious Sydney life. It kicks off like this:

David Bowie sneaked into Australia, unnoticed and unannounced. Within days, Sydneysiders phoned up newspapers and radio stations to say they had seen him in the street … but no one knew for sure if it was really him.
He was spotted in rowdy rock pubs and smoky clubs while soaking up the atmosphere. And he was seen in Kings Cross cafes, drinking early morning coffee and catching up with the newspapers. [… and Duff]
Soon there was no doubt. The man cruising around town in the red Holden Commodore was definitely David Bowie. He was sighted travelling from his harbourside apartment to a recording studio and also appeared at chic restaurants and backstage meetings with fellow superstars like U2. [… and Duff]

Not breathless enough? Self-suffocating for more?

Well, after staking out Bowie’s apartment for a couple days, Pix magazine’s paparazzi caught up with Bowie in a Surry Hills music-shop, buying up some ware for Hunt Sales, Bowie’s Tin Machine drummer at the time. While offering a hand-of-peace to the vigilant photographer, and inviting him in to take some pix [scans pending], Bowie pleaded: “Whatever you do, don’t reveal where I live in Sydney. It’s the one city where I feel really at home without needing security guards 24 hours a day.”

Bowie also offered high praise for the live music he’d seen about the town: “The bands playing in clubs are actually exhilirating. But then I think the arts over here are generally very healthy.”

… Duff again!

How grand to get that exhilirating stuff first-hand this May all about Sydney all over again as Duff presents his new Bowie-themed show, “Bowie Unzipped” …

+ Keep up-to-date, on-the-pulse, and always wired re Bowie-Oz via bowiedownunder.

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