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Which is most likely to be true, Duffolistically speaking, according to a song – on the pictured Duffo album?

 Polly the Parrot is a genius
 Miles Davis is a genius
 Duffo is a genius
 Einstein is a genius


How many singles did Duff’s mid-70s band Kush release?

1  2  4  6


These here pix are crops from a small sample of Duff’s album covers. One of them is actually from the obverse B-side of the cover. Which one is that, Duffo-philes & -philiacs?



Which ONE of the following names is not a persona, icon or totem taken up by Duff himself in one or more recordings or stage-acts?

Jeff Black
Sonny Solstice
Joopiter Jones
Cyril Trotts


CLICK the PLAY button for a couple bars or so of intros from several Duff songs – all off one of his albums. Which album is that?
Lexicon (1982)  The Disappearing Boy (1980)
A Comedy of Errors (2001)  Gonna Send the Boys Around (1985)


Which of the following lines is not a self-description by Duff among his lyrics?

"I’m your ice-cream, lick me"
"I’m just a cardboard cut-out"
"I be the alien"
"I am the fly"
"I wanta be the pilot"
"I am the jellyfish"


Killing this Affair on the Alone and Paranoid album mentions many celebs of song, stage and screen that the singer would like to parlay, promenade, party or just shake the po-po with. One of the following, however, doesn’t belong to the song … (hover over the pic if needed to identify the fellow.)



Duff released several albums under the name of Duffo over several years. Which year of the following was NOT one of those years?

1979  1980  1981  1982  1985  1997  2003  


The youtube above of a Duff show at the Sydney Opera House is soundtracked with recordings from which Duff album? This album includes a cosmic “Fly me to the Moon”, jazz-rock beltings of “‘Heroes'” and “Roxanne”, a smart, cred-heavy “Life on Mars”, and a “MacArthur Park” that after its lush sensitivity leaves you in the midst of mass explosions.
Lost in the Stars (2005) (Jeff Duff Band)Fragile Spaceman (2011)
Ground Control to Frank Sinatra (2004)Cooler than cool … hotter than hell (2003) (Ed Wilson Big Band featuring Jeff Duff)


Duff has created over 25 albums under several artist combinations over the years. All but one of the following matches the artist with the year they put out an album. Which one is actually a mismatch of year and artist’s album?

1984 – Cyril Trotts
1989 – Jeff Duff Orchestra
1997 – Jeff Duff and the Prophets
2002 – Alien Sex Gods
2003 – Jeff Duff and Ed Wilson
2005 – Jeff Duff Band


Which one of the following is a song-line from Duff’s own pen?

"What about stripes on zebras?"
"I am the encyclopedia."
"We’re pressed in love’s hot-fevered iron."
"Logical objections to God."


On the Kiss My Apocalypse album, Duff dedicated his song New Boy in Heaven to which late artist of Australian and NZ rock?

Marc Hunter


Which one of the following URLs will get you to loads more Duff Stuff to listen to from the band that gave you the following fantabulous Jetsonic thing?


Which one among the following – all titles of Duff songs – does not start with a present participle?

Dancing with the the Jellyfish
Blinded by the Dark
Drifting Away with You
Sitting on an Egg


Which one among the following was the FIRST Jeff Duff solo released recording?

Easy Street
Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me
Two Tripes
Santa is Daddy’s Jellyfish
Santa is an Austrian


Which Australian band of the 1980s was a support-act for Duffo when playing the UK, and then, years later, when back in Oz, and with a change of name, enjoyed Duff returning the favour and opening for them?

Flowers– later, Icehouse
The Change– later, Noiseworks
Private Lives– later, The Private


Which of the following censures has Duff endured as the world has struggled to appreciate his art?

BANNED from performing at The Basement for a year for unwittingly instigating a riot among punters.
Had the cover of his single “Sexual” BANNED for featuring a full-frontal nude portrait painting of himself.
BANNED from the Melbourne pub circuit in his Kush days for using the word “pooh” on-stage and asking the audience what they thought of discos.
Had his Kush song “I’m your football” BANNED from Aussie airwaves for including the lines “I’m your ice cream, lick me,” and “I’m your beauty queen.”
ARRESTED for “over-exposure” outside No. 10 Downing Street.
BASHED by the band he supported on his first gig in London, after being gobbed off stage by the punters.
BASHED in Kings Cross soon after he returned to Australia by deadheads wanting his leather jacket.
All of the above.


Know your Duff albums? Let’s try a Sesame Street test: As of Jan 2014, Duff’s 25 album titles begin with a letter from just about every 26 letter of the alphabet … except …

A  B & Z  L & H  E, O, P, Q, R, U & V  W & Z  

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