Duff accolades, res gestae, and plain tributes.

Musician and journalist, Wendy Stapleton, leader and host of one of Australia’s longest running contemporary music interview programs on TV and internet: Wrokdown

“He’s an amazing artist. … He’s always been so innovative … When I was in Wendy and the Rockets and I lived in London, we bumped into Jeff. He’d been there for years. And he’d developed this little character that they used to just call “Duffo.” He was so sort of off the wall. … Everyone knew Jeff Duff, but half the people thought he was just totally eccentric, and then the other half actually realised that he was really quite an incredibly talented artist. And he would create these little magical shows. … He certainly had a great reputation in London. … Anything where you see Jeff Duff’s name is written, it’ll be a great show. ” Wendy Stapleton (2014)  · [more]


Ray Martin, leading Australian TV presenter and journalist, introduces Duff on the Martin Midday TV show:

“I’m told by anyone who knows anything about music that it takes a brave man to attempt … ‘MacArthur Park‘ … one of the most challenging ballads ever penned. But Jeff Duff has always thrived on a challenge. So now, with the Midday Show Orchestra, would you please welcome the very brave Jeff Duff …” Ray Martin (1992)  · [more]


Rock Historian and thrice-crowned Rock Brain of the Universe, had this to say about the Mighty Duffo of Oz:

“I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that, had Jeff Duff hailed from a country in the top half of the world, he could now be as acknowledged and acclaimed as David Bowie or Lou Reed or Iggy Pop.” Glenn A. Baker · [more]


Bert Newton, legendary performer and presenter on Australian TV since its inception, introduces ‘My Way’:

“My wife will be thrilled that it’s Jeff Duff. She’s a huge fan of Duffo. … He’s an outstanding performer. He opened up pop before pop opened up itself.” Bert Newton (2004)  · [more]


The Grande Dame of Australian TV, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, introduces the Jeff Duff Orchestra doing "Puff the Magic Dragon" live for the nation:

“We don’t quite know what to expect from him, but we always love it. A wonderful performer. And his latest group — it really is an incarnation. It incorporates a string section. … And possibly, I reckon, the only man in Australia who could get away with singing this song in the ’90s …” Kerri-Anne Kennerley (1998)  · [more]


Introducing Duff as a guest on the celebrity music quizz show, Spicks ‘n’ Specks, on Australia’s public broadcaster, the host had this to say:

“Miff’s first guest tonight has been feted by Andy Warhol, thrown up on by Sid Vicious, and is one of Australia’s most original and innovative performers. Please welcome the one and only: Jeff Duff.” Adam Hills (2011)  · [more]


As a commendation on Duff’s Disappearing Boy album, this legendary art innovator had this to say about Jeff Duff (and Bowie).

“Sinatra, Presley, Jagger & Popeye — now Duffo!” Andy Warhol (1980)  · [more]


Art-photographer Catherine Hourihan featured Jeff Duff in a series of "Phantastical Portratits," the Duff image entitled New Wave Ghost.

“I think he embodies an era but also he has a whimsical, otherworldly quality. … [W]e got a beautiful evocative image.” Catherine Hourihan (2014)  · [more]


Molly Meldrum—noted as "the single most important person in the Australian pop industry for 40 years" in 1001 Australians You Should Know— writes the following in his Foreward to the Jeff Duff autobiography This will explain everything:

“Unique is an over-used word in showbiz. But Jeff Duff is unique.

When I first met Jeff, he was wearing a wedding dress. That was just a usual day in the unusual life of Jeff Duff. He’s been arrested in Ballarat and outside Number 10 Downing Street in London, banned by Ray Martin’s Midday Show, appeared in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, and sung some unforgettable songs.

And no man looks as good in a leotard.

Flamboyant, eccentric, cheeky, charming … Jeff Duff is one of the greatest entertainers Australia has produced. ” Molly Meldrum (2016)  · [more]


Justin Pearson, artist to the stars of opera and Archibald entrant with a painting of Duff, says:

“I was thrilled to paint such a great singer and charismatic figure. … I think Jeff is an Icon and a great benefit to the music world and Australia.” Justin Pearson (2014)  · [more]


Journalist to The Sun Herald (Australia), in an authoritative review of Duff’s career up to his return to Oz, closed off with this comment on the artist’s personality:

“Pondering Duff’s quicksilver identity, one could do worse than compare him with Warhol — that sense of controlled simplicity, a sophisticated naivety. ” Greg Taylor (1987)  · [more]


** For more tributes, see Jeff Duff’s official site "About Me"

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