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Nah, tellus wh’t Kush means yer great sausage



Come down 4:40 Steve Ball  spotify  
I’m your football 4:11 Steve Ball, Jeff Duff    
Out of my tree 3:33 Clive Harrison  spotify  
What do mountains say 4:24 David Herzog, Jeff Duff  spotify  
Dream on 11:04 David Herzog, Clive Harrison, Jeff Duff  spotify  
Mr. Plod 6:35 David Herzog, Jeff Duff  spotify  
I’m your football 3:17 Steve Ball, Jeff Duff  spotify *
Banana song 3:10 Kush  spotify *
Whatever happened to the good ol’ days 3:53 Kush  spotify *
10 Hey Sam 4:04 Kush  spotify *
11 Temptation’s ’bout to get me 2:58 James Diggs  spotify *
12 Where will I be? (Tomorrow) 3:33 Jeff Duff   *
13 The Clapometer 2:10    *
14 Soul vaccination [Live] 4:16 Emillo Castillo, Stephen Kupka  spotify *
15 All right in the city [Live] 2:01 Dunn, Tony McCashen  spotify *
16 MacArthur Park [Live] 6:15 Jim Webb  spotify *
17 It’s your move [Live] 3:55 Kush  spotify *

* = extra to original release



I’m your football 
Temptation’s ’bout to get me 
MacArthur Park [Live]       



  • Ian McFarlane (for Aztec Records release, 2008)
    "Steve Ball’s Come down takes the band into jazz funk territory which was a bold move … Herbie Hancock influences with a commercial feel but the final result lacks bite … a glimpse of the kind of expressive and expansive musical palette people had come to expect from Kush … [Quoting from RAM:] … all the semi-jazz aural athletics make one feel that various members of the band were in personal conflict … I’m your football [is] a mighty song by anybody’s standards … a jovially licentious two-step which really lets Duff blow his stuff … There’s so much about the album that’s good and a whole lot more that nearly gets there."
  • Suzanne Leigh, hotsource (2008)
    "I was never quite sure what to expect from the next song, as the styles and genres converged into an eclectic mix of jazz, glam, soul, and even a bit of prog rock. [Quoting Duff:] We were basically a musician’s band. It was all over the place, very eclectic thinking and eclectic song writing. At the end of the day, for me, it was all about entertainment."
  • rodg_blog [this site]



  • Vocals (& sausage): Geoff Duff
  • Guitars (electric & acoustic), golden gaytime: David Herzog
  • Keys (organ, piano, clavinet, melatron, moog), honey log: Steve Ball
  • Bass, vocal, roller skates: Clive Harrison
  • Drums, bicycle pump: Nick Lister
  • Sax, flutes clarinet, violin, flying helmet: Arthur Robinson
  • Arrangements & concept: Kush
  • Misc. percussion: The Perkushonettes
  • Trumpet: Glen Akerstrom
  • Trombone: Mike Cousins
  • Sax (alto & baritone): John Ellis [13-17]
  • Trumpet: John Santos, Ted Joiner [13-17]
  • Sax (tenor) & flute: Ron Anderson [13-17]
  • Trombone: Ziggy Zokolowski [13-17]
  • Keys: Peter Sullivan [13-17]
  • Guitar: Dave Sterry [13-17]
  • Bass: Gary Costello [13-17]
  • Drums: Shane Dorrington [13-17]
  • Cabasa: Took
  • Children’s voices: Campbell & Nicola Stevens
  • Road crew: Grant Walsh, John Money, Martin (Cromwell) Sparkes, Steve Hill (Tour manager)
  • Producer: Tweed Harris [1-10]
  • Producer: Ian Mason [11-12]
  • Recorded at: Bill Armstrong Studios, Melbourne [1-10 (1975), 11-12 (1977)]
  • Engineer: Graham Owens [1-10]
  • Arrangements & concept: Kush
  • Art direction: F. H. Booth



  • 1975 (June): RCA [1 vinyl LP]
  • 2008: Aztec Music [1 CD]




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  • The tracks issued on the CD have been recompiled as a separate album by Laneway Music, viz.: “Banananana”. It’s available on Spotify here.

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