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Broadcasted (TV, radio) performances
29 tubes
Does anybody really know what time it is?
Easy Street
Give me back me brain/Duff record
Give me back me brain/[Interview]
Hide 'n' seek
I'm Your Football [part]
Livin' on Easy Street
MacArthur Park
MacArthur Park
My way
Panel show
Puff the Magic Dragon
Seasons of change
Space Oddity
Space Oddity
Spinning wheel
Spinning wheel
Stairway to Heaven
Studio 10 interview
Tower of madness/Duff record/Give me back me brain
Vampire Lover
Walk on the wildside
You've lost that loving feeling

Make me smile

Music videos (official & original)
30 tubes
Christopher John
Come drown with me
Come drown with me
Dancing with the jellyfish
Dejame Joder Tu Mente (Let me fuck your mind)
Drifting away with you
Easy Street
Fragile Spaceman (Keady)
Fragile spaceman (Keilar)
Give Me Back Me Brain
Going underground
Going underground (Keilar)
Guillotine quickstep
Hide and seek
Le Poseur
Logical questions to God
Never too late for praying
Nightwatchman of the universe
Sandy's drum
Steal it with a kiss
Take a walk on the wildside
Take a walk on the wildside
Temptation's 'bout to get me
Walk on the wildside
Walk on the wildside
Walking on eggshells

Give Me Back Me Brain

Concert performances
Bowie Unzipped shows
35 tubes
"Heroes" [part]
All the young dudes
All the young dudes
China Girl
China Girl
China Girl; Changes; Space Oddity
Golden years
Life on Mars?
MacArthur Park
MacArthur Park
Rebel Rebel
Space oddity
Space oddity
Starman [part]
Starman; Ziggy Stardust; China Girl
Suffragette City
Under pressure
Walk on the wildside
Walk on the wildside
Wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
Young American
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust

Life on Mars?; Modern love; Under pressure; Young American

Ziggy Show at the Sydney Opera House and Enmore Theatre
18 tubes
Ashes to ashes [part]
China Girl
Let's Dance
Let's dance
Let's Dance
Space Oddity
Under Pressure
Under Pressure
Wild is the wind
Young American
Young American
Young American
[various: incl. China Girl, Let's Dance, Young American, Starman, Sorrow, Space Oddity]

Young American

Ground Control to Frank Sinatra/Other Bowie shows
4 tubes
Starman [part]
Young American [part]
[various: incl. Come Fly with Me, New York New York, My Way, Fly Me to the Moon, Lost in the Stars]

Young American

Forever 27, The Basement, Sydney, 2012 & 2013
11 tubes
All along the watchtower
Hello I love you
Let it Roll
Little wing
Love me two times
Mercedes Benz
Out of time
The Alabama Song
The End
Touch me

Out of time

Other live performances
57 tubes
China Girl [part] [Sydney Festival]
Dancing Queen [Night at the Rock Opera]
Dear Prudence [Beatles Show]
Eagle Rock [Great Australian Songbook]
Easy Street [Grand Wazoo]
Easy Street [The Great American Songbook Project]
Easy Street [Launch of "This will explain everything"]
Five years [Bowie Symphony ]
God bless the child [Grand Wazoo]
Golden years [Bowie Symphony]
I Can't Stop Wanting You
I'm bored [A Walk on the Wildside]
Just like a woman [Storylines]
Let's Dance [part] [Bundanon Niteworks]
Love the one you're with
MacArthur Park [Duets]
MacArthur Park [Launch of "This will explain everything"]
MacArthur Park [Storylines]
MacArthur Park [Grand Wazoo]
MacArthur Park [Launch of "This will explain everything"]
More and more [Grand Wazoo]
Mr Bojangles [Storylines]
My baby just cares for me [Mullumbimby Music Festival]
Real wild child [A Walk on the Wildside]
Rebel Rebel [Jeff Duff Band]
Rebel rebel [part] [Sydney Festival]
Robot cheats [part]
Satellite of love [A Walk on the Wildside]
Space oddity [Bowie Is]
Starman, Let's dance [Sydney Festival]
Starman; Ziggy Stardust; China Girl; Space Oddity [Bowie Is]
Stormy Monday
Sweet transvestite [Night at the rock opera]
The passenger [Walk on the Wildside]
The Real Thing [The Great Australian Songbook]
Under Pressure [Night at the rock opera]
Vampyre Girl
Walk on the wildside [A Walk on the Wildside]
Walking in Memphis [Thredbo Jazz Festival]
Walking in Memphis [Mullumbimby Music Festival]
Walking in Memphis
What's going on? [Thredbo Jazz Festival]
Wildside; I wanna be the pilot; Dwarfs; Venice [JDO]
Yesterday [Genius - Gospel, Soul & Rock-n-Roll of Br Ray]
You can leave your hat on [Grand Wazoo]
You're breaking my heart
Young American [Bowie Is]
Young American [One for the Road]
Young American [Launch of "This will explain everything"]
Young American [part] [Sydney Festival]
Ziggy Startdust [part] [Alien Sex Gods]
[various: incl. Hide 'n' Seek, Spinning Wheel] [Time Traveller Tour (Jeff Duff and The Prophets)]
[various: incl. It's Not Unusual ] [Tom Jones Show]
[various: incl. Under My Skin, That's Life] [Sinatra Show]
[various] [Time Traveller Tour (Sinatra Brats)]

Someone like you [Van Morrison Tribute]

13 tubes
Badger Game / Divorce File [narration]
Go West young woman
Hangman's Handbook
Pentridge Poem
Pentridge Poem [b/vocal]
Saturday arvo
Saturday Arvo'
Schoolyard chant [b/vocal]
The Burn [Sons of Steel]
The hangman's hangbook [narration]
You stalker
You stalker [b/vocals]

Go West Young Woman

Other stuff: Promos, non-performance interviews and music-vids ...
17 tubes
Bowie eulogy at Enmore Theatre
Bowie eulogy at Flying Saucer
Cricket batting
Interview w/ JD & Keady
Interview: Wrokdown
JD gives drug advice
Jeff Duff swings on the stuff
Jeff Jenkins interviews Jeff Duff
No fracking way
Sunbury Festival 1974 [vid only]
World Musician Day
Ziggy Show interview
Ziggy Show interview
Ziggy Show interview
Ziggy Show interview
Ziggy Show interview

Jeff Jenkins introduces Jeff Duff at book launch

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