Duffo does Dino?

Posted on 26th October 2011

Is Jeff Duff getting ready for a Dean Martin show? Who will be his Jerry Lewis? Could this be the start of the “moon hitting our eyes like a big pizza pie” in every Duffophile’s face? How much “amore” will Duff expend over the stage?

These were some of the hungry questions being thrashed about the JB Hi-Fi store in Sydney Central the other day. Having asked at the shop for Jeff Duff CDs, an employee revealed to me that JD had recently been in the shop himself, and had purchased a Dean Martin CD or two. This naturally stirred the crowd – quickly affecting more than the eavesdroppers, with butterfly effect precision. Customers started hotly debating – and eventually chainsawing – each other about what this news might mean. ASIO, the Australian spy agency, was just about to hose everyone down with Marmite (which is like Kryptonite to an Australian) when I thought to raise my voice and speak as a para-Duffologist amongst them – surely, I thought, I know a little more than the average bloke about the current affair at hand, and so should put this knowledge to allaying the hazard. I was able (after some garbling) to effectively advise – short of a street riot – that we should all sit tight and wait for official details via Duff’s blog itself. That still seems like the wisest option for us all to take on these questions to this day. Your Nobel Peace Prize laureate …

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– rodg.
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