Kate Ceberano, this is how to Advance Australia

Posted on 3rd October 2015

ceberanoHear Jeff Duff singing the Australian National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair, here:

Jeff Duff sings Advance Australia Fair

This is off the Wacky Live album by Ed Wilson’s Big Band featuring Jeff Duff.

This comes up for blogging given Ms Kate Ceberano‘s unfortunate slip-up in delivering the Australian National Anthem at the AFL Grand Final on this day, as reported all over the country, e.g., on news.com.au: Kate Ceberano messes up the Australian National Anthem at the AFL grand final.

Jeff Duff’s version is a cake of national enthusiasm, a true rendition of national character, all-Australian in its glam, bombastic way, expressing a sincere but innocent nationalism—no "Oi–oi–oi’s" required.

See band-master Ed Wilson’s site for more samples of Duff and the Big Band.

And so let us also advance Judith Durham’s own advance on the anthem, setting all that’s cheap and Ceberano aside:

It just remains to mention that Australians have long had to suffer stuff-ups by their supposedly professional singers of the National Anthem, come some important day. The wonderful David Campbell (as linked to by Ceberano in her own passing reference to this misfortune, on her FB) tells us something about it here, by way of the Daily Telegraph.

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