Duffo’s “Album of the Ear”

Posted on 3rd September 2015

NME_adMass aural infection was spawned by Jeff Duff across Punk UK in 1979. That was with his quasi-eponymous debut solo album Duffo on the Beggar’s Banquet label.

Here’s some stuff showing how Duff’s first solo album was marketed at the time. This is a half-page newspaper ad—in New Musical Express, of March 17, 1979, page 49, just under a review by Steve Clarke of the album “Cool for Cats” by UK-Squeeze.

So, actually, Beggars’ Banquet has nix directly to do with the late ’68 “return to roots” Decca album from The Rolling Stones.

The Beggars’ Banquet album on EBay: The CD is going from $AU 27.44 to $AU 68.52.

We also correct/expand the WankaPedia Beggar’s Banquet article as follows (in gold bold):

Beggars Banquet is an English independent record label that began as a chain of record shops owned by Martin Mills and Nick Austin, and is part of the Beggars Group of labels. In 1977, spurred by the prevailing DIY aesthetics of the British punk rock movement (then at the height of its popularity), they decided to join the fray as an independent label and release records under the Beggars Banquet imprint.[1] The first band on the label was English punk group The Lurkers; the first ever release on the label was The Lurkers’ classic 7″ single “Shadow”/”Love Story”.[1] They also released the first solo “Duffo” album from Australian big-band vocalist Jeff Duff, starting with the single “Give Me Back Me Brain”, as performed live by Duffo on The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Russell Harty Show on ITV, and German-TV’s Rock-Pop. Later in the decade and into the early 1980s, hits with Tubeway Army and Gary Numan secured the label’s future.[1] They have since released music by Biffy Clyro, Buffalo Tom, The Charlatans, The Cult, The Go-Betweens, The National and Tindersticks.

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