Duffo, Ono, Leo and Frack: One of these things doesn’t belong …

Posted on 1st February 2014

DFNYWhat do Duffo, Ono and Leo have in common — apart from what they obviously share with Eno and Bono?

Each being legendary? Sure, but here’s Yoko Ono with a hint of more; about what’s ruining New York. And here’s Jeff Duff and Leo Sayer (among other legends) with an Aussie punch about it all – as Leo Sayer channels Bon Scott:

Testy, eh? (Also on vimeo here.)

This vid summons the Lock the Gate campaign: “a national coalition of community groups from across Australia who are uniting to protect our common heritage – our land, water and future – from reckless coal and gas expansions” – i.e., fracking (or “CSG” to be polite, and dumb.)

FACT CHECK: [from New Scientist, 10 Aug 2013:]

… Studies are suggesting fracking [pumping water at high pressure into shale beds to release trapped gas] could accelerate climate change, rather than slow it. … benefit is illusory. … [A] recent study [showed] that substituting gas for coal increases rather than decreases the rate of warming for many decades. … [S]witching from coal to gas could only bring benefits this century if leakage rates get below 2%. If rates are at 10% – the top end of the current US estimates – the gas would deliver extra warming until the mid-22nd century.
A recent review by the UN Environment Programme agreed that emissions from fracking and other unconventional sources of natural gas could boost warming initially, and would be comparable to coal over a 100-year timescale. [p.6]
[T]he worry is that, seduced by a false promise of cheap, plentiful energy from shale gas, we will cut back on investment in truly green, renewable alternatives. If so, as the costs and emissions associated with shale gas rise in the future, as they inevitably will, we will end up on a costly bridge to nowhere. [p.36]

+ Then it’s not just about climate change, as Yoko Ono explains here.

+ For another Duffo-Ono connection, try listening to Mindtrain on Yoko Ono’s Fly album of 1971 without trains of Duff-Duff going through your mind.

We’re all such prescient beings, c’mon.

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