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Posted on 18th November 2013

Duff on the celestial yacht, Bundanon, 2013Duff’s most wondrous gig ever?

The event was held at the Arthur Boyd/Bundanon Trust property, Riversdale, on October 12, 2013 – mixing astronomical education, demonstration, art, Ufology, and … Jeff Duff, the sole performer. He was billed as the Starman, wearing his golden jumpsuit with angel-wings, and sang mainly Bowie’s space songs, keeping with the astronomical theme of the event. With about 500 riverside campers, Duff’s performance involved “Celestial Radio”, upon a yacht covered with 60,000 mirrored tiles, with live-broadcasted soundscape.

It was previewed by the Trust here, and by the Illawarra Mercury here. You can also hear Duff himself talking enthusiastically about the up-coming event in an ABC radio interview. Reviews, post hoc, are rare, but astronomer Frank Gross writes the following about it at ABC open, with a vid that includes a tiny (unrepresentative) bit of Duff on the yacht, voicing the “serious moonlight” phrase from Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. Gross reports:

Then it was time for Jeff Duff to begin his musical show standing on the deck of a boat covered with thousands of mirrors. Music from the 60s and 70s filled the air for the next hour. A group of at least 500 people gathered on the shore just next to the boat and gyrated to the music.

It was spectacular for the performer, too. Duff has written that it was "one of the most truly amazing events I’ve ever performed at … a surreal evening … under the evening glow of the moon and the stars … it was sublime." Note also Duff’s September blog preview. Seems like one of those occasions when Bowie would have penned something like “We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size – We talked with tall Venusians passing through …”

Some pix of the event by Adrian Wiggins at flickr too, including Duff by the water and seemingly chasing a UFO (“beam me up, ET” …?).

All about the event, including Duff’s nite flight, at the Bundanon website here.

Want to know more about Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon? See drawings by Jacqui Stockdale.

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