So you wanna be a Martian suicide …?

Posted on 12th September 2013

mars2Just when the prospect of a one-way ticket to Mars pricked the suicidal and scientific fancies of all Duffophiles – for who else lined up by the 200,000 across the globe for the ride? – the Mighty Duff launches a couple awesome mega-gigs to keep you spaced out on Earth.
Reach deep for Duff-stuff on the 16th September, 2013, in Waterloo’s Warehouse, and then again on the 19th of November, 2013, at Sydney’s State Theatre, for two rationally economic intragalactical fixes. Just what we live for.
Duff at Waterloo September 2013 Rock Opera 2 State Theatre Sydney Nov 19 2013
(So these gigs might burn your wallet – isn’t that just in proportion to them igniting your brain – all Kylies aside?)

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– rodg.
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