Red-hot Duff-Rover Tech Report #1

Posted on 21st October 2012

This is the first Technical Report from the Institute for Duffological Studies on the visits across Planet Earth to Planet Duff by humans (a working assumption) via the youtube communication channel.

Duff-tube view numbers and percentage increases 2011-2012 (pilot sample)

The Institute started recording youtube visitations to Planet Duff on July 18 2011. Eleven (11) sites on Planet Duff were quasi-randomly selected for monitoring. We have, today, sent out our Duff-Rover to make a fresh assay of visitations to these sites, and the above chart summarises the results thus far transmitted back to us.

Of our original sample of 11 sites, 9 were accessible at this time. Of these 9, the sample comprises a wide range of Duff performances – from his 1974 Paul Hogan showing, some Euro-Duffo, and some live Duff shows from 2009 – a bare smattering of Duff-stuff available via youtube, but certainly stuff worth following. What can we report of our latest assays of youtube visits to these sites?

+ TOP HITTING site: the most visited site, by a long shot, was the Kush performance of Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show of 1974, with Duff as a waifling leading the band – with a prize-showing by Duff of many uncommon virtues: go-along fag theatre in the intro, sophisticated scat in the first chorus, watch-me-now surety but Aussie-reserved modesty by every later bar and frame of a performance that is cool by any standard of the post-moderns and the midday crooners. Over 2011 to 2012, visits to this site have increased by 42% – from about 24,000 to 34,000. At last count, visits to this site accounted for just less than a third – actually, 29.32845% – of all 100,000+ recorded youtube visits to Planet Duff (see below for specifications).

+ TOP GROWTH in VISITS was for the youtube Le Poseur – quickly followed by Duffodoll. These had a 199% and 181% increase in visits (respectively) – i.e., almost tripling their 2011 visits in little more than a year. To be sure, they started from a low base – both less than 500 views – but they are on a trajectory of exponential excess. “Le Poseur” itself increased in views from 338 to over 1,000. The Institute’s Duffologists are unable to explain this radical and extraordinary surge; a number of theories have been proposed; results pending. The average percentage increase in 2012 visits on top of 2011 visits across the sample was 76%.

“Stairway to Heaven”on ABC-TV “The Money or the Gun” (1990) achieved the second highest tally of visits, after “Easy Street”. Generally, vids of live shows (viz., “Time Traveller”) and TV appearances (incl. “Kiss” on The Midday Show) took on a mid-range level of growth.

The Duff-Rover at work assaying visits to Planet Duff (not to scale)

The Institute is now closely monitoring more sites on Planet Duff that are accessible via Channel Youtube – 65 tubes with 128,846 views so far, and summing to 4 hours, 35 minutes and 50 seconds of Duff-stuff – and will offer a further technical paper on these data, as the Duff-Rover signals them to hand. For links to these – go to the new youtubes page. The first and second highest ranking tubes among these 65 is the same as shown in the chart, but the third highest viewed Planet Duff youtubed site at this time is from Jeff Duff and the Prophets: “Spinning Wheel” on the Kerrie-Anne Channel 9 morning TV show.

The Institute kindly acknowledges those pioneering Duffonauts who have made available the tubes that the Duff-Rover is presently monitoring. Highest regards to the live work of Colin Hay, and so to the TV reminiscences, from VHS to youtube, of Angelgroover. Of the high-flying youtubes, “Le Poseur” was originally shunted home by bonzoboydog, and “Duffodoll” by thismusicismydesire.

For more hot astro-Duffo news, see this tube from inter-galactical alien interceptors of Duff-stuff.

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