Jeff Duff and the Japanese sublime, singing Yutaka Ozaki

Posted on 1st August 2016

Was and is Yutaka Ozaki a James Dean and maybe even John Keats of song? All authentic and vulnerable, oceanic blue and alarmed like candle-light?

So Jeff Duff and Yutaka Ozaki must (if there is any law in the universe) connect.

Well—all this magic has happened, in our time, for experiencing and sharing.

No less surprising than everything else in Jeff Duff’s autobiography is the fact of his Japanese career—within which Duff has recorded Ozaki’s "I love you", with a Japanese audience in mind, laden with Australiana, as by kookaburra-harmonica.

Topmost is the art of hyperbole, stuff that Australia shares in spirit with Japan. So Jeff Duff delivers Ozaki with the height of his emotiveness, and perhaps with the highest note he’s put to record.

Also, fluttering out of Duff’s hands, the song gets a full-throated baritone airing.

The key note, though, is sincerity—Duff sings this song out like it’s the best delight in the world, belling out its meaning like an angel meant it. So, for Duffromantics everywhere, Duff’s cover of Ozaki’s song is on the streamed album from Laneway Music: Elizabeth Bay, available on iTunes, for example, here, or on Spotify here:

Thank you to Sachiko W., Duffophile, for her associations and research re Yutaka Ozaki and Jappo-Duffo, without which this blogpost would not have been possible. She is a Noble Fellow of the Institute for Duffological Studies.

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Big Time Operator: Jeff Duff on Sony’s “big bold booming voices” album

Posted on 21st May 2016

43Sony Music Australia has released (this 3rd week of May, 2016) a new Various Artists album entitled Big Time Operators: The Big Bold Booming Voices Of The 60s & 70s.

And, of course, quite fittingly, Jeff Duff appears among the esteemed artists.

Artists include Duff’s own hero, Scott Walker, with the song Duff himself covered on his own latest album: The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore). Walker is also on the album with Joanna. Other artists include Johnny Cash (Ring Of Fire), Long John Baldry (You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’), Leonard Cohen (Suzanne), Blood, Sweat and Tears (You’ve Made Me So Very Happy), and—another Duff hero—Bill Medley (Peace Brother Peace).

It also has the original Seasons of change by Blackfeather, which has been covered by Duff (on the Angels and Rascals album, and live on TV:)

—and of Eloise by Barry Ryan, also covered by Duff—but unfortunately with rotten, static-laden sound quality in this live-on-TV performance:

—and Duff also offers a version of this CD’s Long John Baldry song: from Ray Martin’s midday TV show:

And the Duff song on this 2 CD album? That’s on CD 2, Track 6: Easy Street, with Kush.

See the ARIA page here for details of the release. Seen to be available at all the usual outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, EBay, JB HiFi, and Spotify:

And lest you assume this is just an album full of fellas, it’s got at least one sheila on it too: The Aussie Alison MacCallum, best known for her politically arousing It’s time, but here with Excuse me (as one youtuber comments, sounds like a James Bond theme song, and with impressive Bassey-like touches too).

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Jeff Duff’s Santa song

Posted on 24th December 2015

Santa-Rocket-Sleigh-Space-Classic-Christmas-Card-02Could this Russian Xmas card—from the US/Soviet Space Race era—have been the inspiration for Jeff Duff’s merry tune "Santa is an astronaut"?

The perfect antidote to the supermarket sound-track this season—preview via iTunes, GooglePlay or Spotify—off Duff’s "novelty" album Cyril Trotts to Bogna.

Here’s a small sample of the lyric …

Santa is an Astronaut

Intro announcement:

Hey! Look up into space, it’s a cosmonaut!
No, it’s an astronaut!
No! Oh, it’s only Santa’naut —
Hi Santa!


Forget what ya been taught
‘cos Santa is an Astronaut.
Don’t believe all ya hear
‘cos Santa rides a rocket not a real reindeer.


Space! — he’s got space in his head
for a turkey instead
of a brain.

Mars! — he’s a sucker for Mars Bars,
his stockings are all chocolate stained.


Bells! — he wears bells on his head
and scrap-metal instead
of a beard.

Sing! — he can’t sing, he can’t dance,
Xmas carols — fat chance! —
this guy’s weird.

There’s a swag more of these Russian space-themed Xmas cards, all copyright–free, at

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Digital Duff: Lots more to sample on Google and Amazon now

Posted on 9th November 2015

At least 17 Jeff Duff albums + extra tracks now available from Google and Amazon for MP3 preview/purchase—including albums only previously available in vinyl, and hard-to-find CDs.

For samples/purchases, go the links on the Jeff Duff Stuff TRACKS page. Just note that (1) Amazon MP3s are not generally available for purchase via Australia; (2) Google Play links are fine for both ample preview and purchase.

The two Kush albums Snow White and the Eight Straights and Nah, Tellus Wh’t Kush Means Yer Great Sausage are there (via Amazon and Google Play):

Kush album Snow White and the Eight Straights featuring Jeff Duff Kush album Yer Great Sausage featuring Jeff Duff

There’s also Jeff Duff Orchestra’s Alone & Paranoid album, and the two albums with Joseph Calderazzo.

Jeff Duff Orchestra: Alone and Paranoid Jeffrey and Joseph Holiday in Transylvania

The two late Duffo UK albums are finally available: that’s Bob the Birdman and Lexicon.

Duffo: Bob the Birdman Duffo: Lexicon

No more boxes for puss as Duff's all digitalSadly, only, as Duff goes streaming, cats will need to find another source of boxes to go strange in.

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Kate Ceberano, this is how to Advance Australia

Posted on 3rd October 2015

ceberanoHear Jeff Duff singing the Australian National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair, here:

Jeff Duff sings Advance Australia Fair

This is off the Wacky Live album by Ed Wilson’s Big Band featuring Jeff Duff.

This comes up for blogging given Ms Kate Ceberano‘s unfortunate slip-up in delivering the Australian National Anthem at the AFL Grand Final on this day, as reported all over the country, e.g., on Kate Ceberano messes up the Australian National Anthem at the AFL grand final.

Jeff Duff’s version is a cake of national enthusiasm, a true rendition of national character, all-Australian in its glam, bombastic way, expressing a sincere but innocent nationalism—no "Oi–oi–oi’s" required.

See band-master Ed Wilson’s site for more samples of Duff and the Big Band.

And so let us also advance Judith Durham’s own advance on the anthem, setting all that’s cheap and Ceberano aside:

It just remains to mention that Australians have long had to suffer stuff-ups by their supposedly professional singers of the National Anthem, come some important day. The wonderful David Campbell (as linked to by Ceberano in her own passing reference to this misfortune, on her FB) tells us something about it here, by way of the Daily Telegraph.

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Duffo’s “Album of the Ear”

Posted on 3rd September 2015

NME_adMass aural infection was spawned by Jeff Duff across Punk UK in 1979. That was with his quasi-eponymous debut solo album Duffo on the Beggar’s Banquet label.

Here’s some stuff showing how Duff’s first solo album was marketed at the time. This is a half-page newspaper ad—in New Musical Express, of March 17, 1979, page 49, just under a review by Steve Clarke of the album “Cool for Cats” by UK-Squeeze.

So, actually, Beggars’ Banquet has nix directly to do with the late ’68 “return to roots” Decca album from The Rolling Stones.

The Beggars’ Banquet album on EBay: The CD is going from $AU 27.44 to $AU 68.52.

We also correct/expand the WankaPedia Beggar’s Banquet article as follows (in gold bold):

Beggars Banquet is an English independent record label that began as a chain of record shops owned by Martin Mills and Nick Austin, and is part of the Beggars Group of labels. In 1977, spurred by the prevailing DIY aesthetics of the British punk rock movement (then at the height of its popularity), they decided to join the fray as an independent label and release records under the Beggars Banquet imprint.[1] The first band on the label was English punk group The Lurkers; the first ever release on the label was The Lurkers’ classic 7″ single “Shadow”/”Love Story”.[1] They also released the first solo “Duffo” album from Australian big-band vocalist Jeff Duff, starting with the single “Give Me Back Me Brain”, as performed live by Duffo on The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Russell Harty Show on ITV, and German-TV’s Rock-Pop. Later in the decade and into the early 1980s, hits with Tubeway Army and Gary Numan secured the label’s future.[1] They have since released music by Biffy Clyro, Buffalo Tom, The Charlatans, The Cult, The Go-Betweens, The National and Tindersticks.

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New wave greats 1976 – 1983

Posted on 2nd January 2015

New Wave GreatsWho‘s the one and only Australian artist featured in this 2-disc, 36-track UK compilation of ground-breaking new wave musicians of the punk/post-punk eras?

The Birthday Party? The Go-Betweens? The Saints? Not a whisp or whisker of them. C’mon, there’s Icehouse, Split Enz, or The Church, for sure …

No. Instead, among artists like Elvis Costello, Madness, XTC, The Jam, The Stranglers, Joy Division, Psychedlic Furs, Tubeway Army … there is only one Australian artist, and that is: Jeff Duff.

That’s with a pressing of his single: “Give me back me brain.” As performed live all over Euro music channels at the time, including on the Old Grey Whistle Test

~ the Russell Harty Show:

~ and this German show:

Duff is also one of the select half-dozen or so solo artists who cut it as a New Wave Great on this 1999 compilation album. There’s Costello, for sure, and Jona Lewie, Graham Parker, Lene Lovich, Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, John Cooper Clarke, Ian Dury, Ivor Biggun (!?), … & Duffo.

More about this classic album on this site here.

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Launch of Jeff Duff album “Walking on Eggshells” Oct 2014

Posted on 4th October 2014

The new Jeff Duff album Walking on eggshells is to be was launched at the Camelot Lounge, Marrickville on October 17 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Duff, with the help of his Duffmen, performed the entire album in the first set, then filled the second set with Bowie songs and some of his standards.

About 16 members of the Rock & Soul Choir rose up from the audience to accompany Duff on his own God bless the dreamers, and then The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore: Wonderful nihilistic rejoicing to that Walker Brothers song about dead-love.

Duff kept up the celebratory spirit to midnight, with plenty of patter between songs, such as about his love of Scott Walker’s music (inspired his I have no regrets on the new album), and the popularity of his tribute shows ("I have to eat — a bit").

Here’s the official preview blurb of the show:

Jeff regards the brand new album as one of his very best and is pulling out all stops to make this launch one of the most memorable you will ever attend. For starters Jeff & The Duffmen will perform the entire album live along with some other Duffo classics. The extraordinary magician MANNIX (the magnificent) will dazzle the audience with his sleight of hand and Esmerelda the incredible singing goldfish will make a cameo appearance. Together with Jeff’s magic movie show and lots of audience prizes this will be a launch party to top all others!

Jeff Duff Walking on Eggshells album launch  at the Camelot Lounge 2014.10.17

The show included the premiere of the video for the single “Walking on eggshells” which Duff says, on his latest blog, was filmed “in a tiny studio in Sydney late in August … co-ordinated by my friend Marisa Zamora from ‘Loud & Clear’ advertising agency and directed by Tristan Baker.” Listen to the track on soundcloud here, or via youtube:

Stream from Spotify, here:

Not up with Duff albums? Check them all out on a single page here.

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Regards to Jon Lord and human survival

Posted on 20th June 2012

Can we reel off 4 keyboardists of the past 50 or so years of popular music who’ve defined their art and craft? We can do this quickly for guitars (Hendrix …), and maybe also for drums (Muskett …), but how about keyboards? As far as I know, we’d have to put up Professor Longhair, Leon Russell, Fats Waller, Carole King and Elton John, for a quick start, plus Herbie Hancock, Stevie Winwood, Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman and Mike Garson … Would Thomas Dolby fit in or is he too “wham”?

Anyway, Jon Lord is the one personage who this post is about, who fits all bills without qualification. He was the Deep Purple keyboardist and bandleader, a “pioneer fusing rock and classical or baroque forms” (WP). His most recent gigs, over the last decade, have been headlining the Hoochie Coochie Men, an Australia-based blues band comprising, apart from Lord, bass player Bob Daisley (former Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne), guitarist and singer Tim Gaze, and drummer Rob Grosser. Jon Lord first performed with The Hoochie Coochie Men in Februrary 2003, since which time the band has become one of the hottest properties in Australia’s citywide live entertainment circuit. But how about HCM recordings for the rest of us?

Deep, self-cutting Jimmy Barnes fans punch each other up to get their hands on this hot DVD – last seen selling new for $198.90 – where Barnes fronts Jon Lord with the Hoochie Coochie Men at Sydney’s Basement. Few apart from Fat Gina von Rheinhart can still get their hands on it. Even more amazing though is the fact of this other hot CD where you get a couple songs from both Barnesy and Duffo fronting the Hoochie Coochie Men – with Jon Lord. That’s 2 HCM Jimmy Barnes tracks, and 2 HCM Jeff Duff tracks – on the one CD. Awesome as. Barnes does a couple covers, with a surprise range below his usual chimes. Duff hazards some originals from the band – and takes the show handsomely away with a plus to their total creativity. We only miss his artful doings of more of the original songs on this album!

And now for some unfortunate news, and some unorthodox Derryn Hinch type of posturing and soap-boxing from me about it.

Lord was recently diagnosed as suffering from pancreatic cancer, a normally swiftly developing and deadly form of cancer. He is currently undergoing special treatment in Israel hoping to recover and get back to music. According to drummer Ian Paice the cancer was discovered in its “early, early stage” so there is hope for recovery. (WP)

I’ve been long and impatiently waiting for an affirmative cryogenics policy from the US government, the Eurozone and ASEAN. That means that they provisionally accept the assumptions of cryogenics as scientific even if only, at this time, pointing to “a likely possibility”. Still, that means, together with the precautionary principle, and basic humanistic factors, that we should start funding a National Cryogenics Database which, apart from other roles, works to preserve the consciousnesses of certain people deemed to be sociologically factorial, transculturally significant, and humanly definitive. An International Survival Project is more to the point. So all scientific knowledge about human eternality (from cryogenics, parapsychology, computational intelligence, psychological physics, biographical history …) is put to the purpose of elongating the opportunities for the creative output of specific consciousnesses beyond their presently biologically limited lives – and we start taking this seriously as a science worth propagating for basic human good.

Where is the politician with the grey cells and guts to get this crucial social policy up-front in mainstream politics around the world?

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“Psychiatrists Warn That Duff Records Can Cause Brain Damage”

Posted on 1st June 2012

Ordered this piece of vinyl Duff, a 7 inch “Flexi-disc”, playable at 33.3 RPMs, and yellow – a promo disc from 1979. Side A is described as “Psychiatrists Warn That Duff Records Can Cause Brain Damage”, and Side B seems to be from another artist, Johnny G., namely, “Johnny G. Introduces Slices From His Genius L.P. Sharp & Natural”. More to report once the yellow disc has been flung into my letter-box (thanks Australia Post), and I find a turntable.

Update June 19 – arrived in the box … Onto a turntable …

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Launch of “Fragile Spaceman”

Posted on 9th August 2011

tick-tock tick-tock every breathless moment until, this coming Saturday, Jeff Duff launches his “Fragile Spaceman” album at the Basement. Get tix here.

and so – to update – the event has happened. We in the crowd were most delighted when Duffo, at the very start, prized all us present Duff-junkies for coming to a show of his own – not a Doors show, not a Bowie show, not a Sinatra spectacle, but Duffo’s own work, from solitary note to orchestral tome.

But let us start at the beginning. Duffo could be seen meandering about the auditorium – a thumbs up to larrikin Duffo-philes exuberantly chanting “Go Duffo!”, and a pad upon the shoulders of the stressed-out mixer-man – while the attendent audience, for the most part, was fixed upon a kaleidoscopic show of Duffo’s past video hits, extracts from the movie Sons of Steel, and then his Fragile Spaceman vid, animating some iconic Duffo pix. Appearing in sailor suit, Duffo opened with his “Blinded by the Dark” (“Don’t let the sun get in your eyes / There’s more to life than summer skies”) … and ended, about an hour later, with his “The Choir Inside my Mind” (“Kyrie eleison … quieter than a nuclear bomb”) … before he returned, in his crimson Countdown suit, with a second set that included his own (from earlier albums) “Hide-n-Seek” and “If you Believed in Angels” – as well as a Bowie medley (“Sorrow”, “Young Americans”, …), topped all ultimately off with “MacArthur Park” – in pretty much his original, powerful Kush style – or was that his later “Lost in the Stars” take?.

Click here for more ideas/reviews re this album.

Click here to buy from Waterfront.

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