Jeff Duff in “Polymorphia”

Posted on 15th November 2015

Maier's 1618 burning hermaphroditeJeff Duff is to appear in Polymorphia—a film by Sydney-based film-maker Edward Inchbold to be released in 2016. It’s a film of the short genre in which "an insane man meets the man in his head who makes his dreams". Duff plays the role of "Albert".

That’s according to IMDB, which also notes that the film stars one Felix Johnson as "Mr A B C", and one Nerida Bronwen as "The Dancing Girl", with music by Steve J. de Souza, among other seasoned artists of cinematography, production and costume design, etc.

Inchbold—this film’s writer, director and producer—also has the 2014 film Hard lines behind him. See also his early profile at the film-maker’s share-site mutinee.

Duff himself notes in his blog of 1st Oct 2015:

Film director Edward Inchbold, selected me to play one of the rather spooky characters in his new short movie called ‘Pollymorphia’. We filmed the movie in Sydney in September. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed film … apparently the aim is to have it screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Pending more details, let’s ponder the above woodprint from 1618 of a burning hermaphrodite, which seems to fit in with the theme and perhaps even style of this new Duff project.

UPDATE via Instagram Aug 26 2016:

A photo posted by @polymorphiafilm on

For more info about Duff in film and theatre, there’s:

  • Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby—background info about Duff’s appearances, alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, here, with screenshots of Duff’s cameos here, and the whole movie via amazon here for streaming or here by hard-copy
  • Andrée Greenwell’s The Hanging of Jean Lee here, being a post-punk opera about the last woman to be hung in Australia, Duff playing her victim
  • The cult Oz science-fiction/heavy-metal movie Sons of Steel in which JD sprightfully plays the role of a hyper-glam nerd of body/mind science, Secta
  • Duff’s record on IMDB
Jeff Duff astride the whole party, in knickerbockers, in Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby"

Jeff Duff astride the whole party, in knickerbockers, in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”

+ See also: Jeff Duff in the 2013 Melbourne Arts House staging of "The Hanging of Jean Lee":

~ and Jeff Duff singing "The Burn" in Sons of Steel:

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The Hanging of Jean Lee – with Jeff Duff

Posted on 20th November 2013

The hanging of Jean Lee as originally reported in The Argus

Jeff Duff performs in the “post-punk rock opera” on Jean Lee, the last woman to be hanged in Australia – for crimes of extortion, slow torture and murder, Pentridge Gaol, 1951 – at the ArtsHouse, North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry St, Dec 7-8 2013.

+ Jeff Duff in the 2006 Sydney Opera House show:

+ Recorded with limited release CD in 2007, including 4 Duff solos/character pieces.

+ Feature article about the opera in The Age (Nov 30, 2013), where Duff is noted as playing the part of “the lecherous Pop Kent”.

+ ABC Radio National’s interpretive blurb about the poetry and history behind the opera (23 Nov 2013). There even seems to be some Jeff Duff singing in here, about ¼-way through, on top of hints to the aesthetics of the show.

+ ArtsHouse blurb, tickets: "Post-punk music genres infuse a score that evokes a dark underworld and exposes raw emotions, … music veers poignantly from erotic charge to sharp lament, combining pop, impro and jazz forms to create a unique theatre of music … backed by a seven-piece band …"

+ Interview with composer Andrée Greenwell (& map to the venue) : "… a concert version of the version first performed in Sydney in 200[6] … performed together with visual projections that give the production a documentary emphasis"

+ Live stuff from the Sydney Opera House production, 2006

+ About Jean Lee’s life, the murder, execution, etc. Wikipedia

+ Biography of Jean Lee in The Australian Dictionary of Biography.

+ News of Jean Lee’s execution in The Argus, 19th Feb 1951 and 20th Feb 1951, including the latter eye-witness report describing how the trio walked up to the gallows:

The two men met their deaths calmly and steadily. The woman appeared to be unconscious.

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