Jeff Duff’s Top 20 tubes Nov-Dec 2016

Posted on 18th December 2016
What were the most popular of Jeff Duff’s youtubes and vimeos over the last month?
The Duff Rover has been at work again, collating these statistics, including the number of extra views-per-tube from November to December.
Here are links to the Top 20, in order of extra views (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) and then some stats:
Easy Street
MacArthur Park
Easy Street
Take a walk on the wildside
Give me back me brain/Duff record
Stairway to Heaven
Studio 10 interview
Walk on the wildside
Tower of madness
Space Oddity
Easy Street
Walking on eggshells
Walk on the wildside
Fragile Spaceman (Keady)
Guillotine quickstep
Le Poseur
Walking in Memphis

Some interesting points about this Top 20:
  • Although Duff’s performance in the ’70s of Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show is—with more than 64,000 views—far and away the most popular overall, the biggest increase across all Duff ‘tubes was for his performance of Easy Street on Mornings with Kerrie-Anne (Channel 9, Australia); almost doubling in views (albeit from a much smaller base of about 400 at the start of November). There was also a 67% increase in views of the live performance of this song by Duff with The Grand Wazoo.
  • Most of these Top 20 vids were of Duff/Kush originals and/or single releases: not only performances of Easy Street, but also a couple versions of Walk on the wildside, and his MacArthur Park on the Ray Martin Midday Show. Each of these had more than 300 extra views over the past month.
  • Also popular were Duff’s TV performances in the UK (on the Old Grey Whistle Test) and Germany of singles from his first solo album—Give me back my brain, and Tower of madness—as well as the title-tracks from his two most recent solo albums: Walking on eggshells and Fragile spaceman.
  • Performances by Duff of Bowie songs were not as popular as performances of his own songs. Only three performances of Bowie material made it into this Top 20.
  • Even looking at the next top 20, most of the videos were of Duff’s own songs, Kush songs, or signature covers—but performances of Bowie songs generally had no more than two more views each from November to December. This is surprising given the run of Duff-Bowie shows of late: It seems that a lot of people get interested in seeing more Duff-does-Duff after seeing his Bowie shows than seeing more Duff-does-Bowie (albeit there are more Duff-does-Bowie tubes out there, and so the views for them are more dispersed).
  • Most of these vids also make up the all-time greatest number of views, led, as usual, by Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show, followed by Stairway to Heaven on the ABC, the Take a walk on the wildside video, and MacArthur Park on the Midday Show; and then including, at #5, a live performance of Someone like you (Van Morrison cover). Total views across 237 Duff videos (including duplicates) was close to 360,000 at the start of December.
So: is a Jeff Duff originals-only show timely?
More Duff tubes here.
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Duff tube views reach 1/4 million at 1:36 a.m.

Posted on 23rd August 2014

Duff tubes currently online have exactly 250,000 views as of 2014/08/23 01:36:06 Aussie EST, given the latest Duff Rover report. That’s from 145 tested tubes, less some earlier removed tubes and multiple artist tubes, for a total of 131 tubes. Average number of views at this time = 1908.4. The tube with the max views of 51,037 is “Easy Street” on the Paul Hogan Show. Total play-time = 9 hours, 29 minutes and 34 seconds.

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Cake 4 Kush with 50,000+ Easy Streets!

Posted on 1st August 2014

The top-rating of about 120 Duff-vids reaches 50,000 views by August 2014. That’s for Jeff Duff and Kush on the Paul Hogan Show:

UPDATE: Easy Street clocked up 60,000 views on 18 July 2015.

easy_street_aug_2014That’s a lot of views for a single released in October, 1974. Many live performances by Australians of their singles don’t get near this many views. Also, there was a lot of competition in 1974: the top-selling singles by Australian artists included Olivia Newton John’s I honestly love you (561,807 views), Sister Janet Mead’s The lord’s prayer (182,893 views), Ross Ryan’s I am Pegasus (202,092 views), Helen Reddy’s Leave me alone (104,848 views), and of course on top at the time, Stevie Wright’s Evie (275,758 views).

Going below the Top 5, Easy Street crops up as one of the kickass survivors, growing by an average of 775 views per month (since November 2012, when the Duff-Rover first went to work). And Duff was only a teenager!?

Even Farewell Aunty Jack by Graham Bond, while reaching No. 1 for 3 weeks in 1974, now only has 21,658 views on youtube (its top-listed vid for artist + song on this 1st Aug at about 6:00 pm AUS, as for other stats mentioned here).

So congratulations, Kush. Mushy marketeers and little terrorists envy you and your art, while a kickass survivor of 1974 keeps propelling popular appeal.

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Bowie “Unzipped” tool-kit

Posted on 3rd May 2014

How to keep inspired ahead of the Duff-Bowie quest this May, as Duff offers 5 Bowie-themed performances across Sydney? How to keep the spirits up beyond the Budget and the winter? What to talk about with Sally and Harry all the way to Cronulla? Well hey man, let’s keep storming and clicking through the tubes and tracks …

Duff’s Bowie live performance tubes

From among about 1/4 million views of Duff-tubes, here are the latest stats (3rd May 2014) for tubes of Jeff Duff performing Bowie songs (as per the Duff-Rover) – from his Vanguard shows in 2007, to his 2013 show at the Sydney Opera House: sorted by views per days online:

Duff-Bowie youtube statistics

(The more clicks per days online, the bigger/higher the bar.
Actual view-counts shown next to the bar.
For links, check-out the Duff tubes database here.)

Duff’s most popular Bowie concert performance to date: Wild is the wind, 2012, Sydney Opera House (1140 views as of posting):

planet_earth_is_blue"Planet Earth is Blue": a Duff-at-the-Enmore Odyssey (403 views as of posting). See Jeff Duff also performing Space Oddity on 2UE radio and 10 News. More Duff tubes here.

Duff blogs re the Ziggy shows

Duff blog June 2013

Duff blog May 2012

[Oops …! We neglected to pick up this piece of Duff-Bowie stuff: A partial pick of Duff performing “Ziggy Stardust” as part of his Alien Sex Gods gigging. It mostly features Peter Northcote on guitar, rather than the Duff. But go for rare! It has 3,916 views after 2,825 days online, for a 1.39 ranking in 4th place up above.]

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Duff data overload

Posted on 2nd March 2013

Orson Welles: The TrialThe Semantic Analysis Division of the Institute has been processing an abundance of Duff-data, our CEO (as pictured) endlessly criss-crossing the aisles to keep all circuits a-sparked on the project. As an example of the challenge, try entering “Jeff Duff” into any of the many web-analytical calculators we might put to the purpose of questing our mutual Duffophilia: e.g., as listed at It’s a kind of new clap-o-meter – only putting out on-the-pulse semantic ideas off the web, not so much energy amplitude of the immediate mob.

Results to date give a partial shimmer of that “elusive mind”. From Latent Semantic Indexing, we can get single words, word pairs, etc., that most frequently co-occur when entering the magic words “Jeff Duff” across the worldwide web. In cognitive psychology, this type of analysis is used to understand how ideas are represented in, or recalled from, memory, how one idea can lead to another in recognising words on the printed page, in coming up with creative associations, in meriting a diagnosis of “thought disorder”, and so on. So these types of connections between words across web-pages might tell us about the essential nature of a single idea or even being – knowing it by its relations – at least how it is represented in some great big common mind.

So does Latent Semantic Indexing tell us anything interesting about The Duff? Naturally, the words “Jeff Duff” co-occur with “jeff” and “duff” more than any other words. The following is a ready sample of words that are themselves not just common words (like “give”, “brings”, etc.) with which “Jeff Duff” commonly co-occurs on the web, according to Latent Semantic Indexing.

Words co-occurring with “Jeff Duff” Rank F
duffo music videos 6
bowie david     5
ziggy songs 4
theatre 2012 youtube images 3
career inspired kush stuff 2
1974 scene play adelaidenow 2
awards melbourne business duffology performers 1
eccentric voice monkey watch basement 1
latest stardust actor vanguard easy 1
zealand advanced production annals living 1
spirit share rock excellent singer 1
world aka power ziggytour entertainment 1
artist remembered geoff eighties opera 1
man escaped singer wearing tenor 1

Among the most common 2- or 3-word co-occurrences of “Jeff Duff” were “excellent tenor”, “brass monkey”, “tribute show”, “inspired show” and “rocking jeff duff” (each in at least 10 different web-pages).

Surprise, surprise, this might just tell us something: “Jeff Duff” is more associated with David Bowie than with any other idea or artist (in fact, the only artist he is commonly mentioned with), and he is mentioned as an actor as much as an artist or singer, and noted as a performer/entertainer/singer with such attributes as “eccentric”, “inspired” and “excellent”, in terms that are always positive in feeling, with no negative terms being common. His Kush days, and his “Easy Street” song, seem to be web-remembered more than any other later work, although his later “Duffo” moniker co-occurs with “Jeff Duff” at least 20% of the time, more than any other word. Well, that seems to fit with human nature if nothing else: “we always remember the first time”, and “the first cut hurts the deepest”.

Moving right along, the analysis tool “Übersuggest” uses an undisclosed algorithm to suggest words that can be associated with your search word for every letter of the alphabet – by some web-content indexing. This gets us into associations with some other artists and almost makes for raw elements of the Jeff Duff story, with some incongruities and mishaps to boot.

For the letter “A” we get “Jeff Duff and Kush”, “Jeff Duff albums”, and even “Jeff Duff Africa”.
“B”, naturally enough, gives us “Jeff Duff Big Band”, “Jeff Duff Basement”, “Jeff Duff David Bowie”, “Jeff Duff banana”, and “Jeff Duff bronco”.
How we get to “Jeff Duff crash” and “Jeff Duff congo” after that, remains for the Institute’s key-punchers to work by night and day to elucidate. Meanwhile, we can note the following other terms to follow in more or less alphabetical order, among others:
“david bowie”, “dynamiq”, “duo”, “deep purple”, “ed wilson”, “experience”, “film”, “fragile spaceman”, “gay”, “genius”, “gig guide”, “goldman”, “stairway heaven”, “paul hogan”, “rise in your levis”, “saint john”, “jazz”, “kingston tn”, “macarthur park”, “manly boatshed”, “midday show”, “mining”, “navy seal”, “opera house”, “orchestra”, “palais”, “plane crash”, “prophets”, “ray charles”, “ray martin”, “rockwiz”, “seal”, “singer”, “sinatra”, “spaceman”, “sundance”, “sydney”, “tehachapi”, “trio”, “vanguard”, “walk wild side”, “wardrobe malfunction”, and “ziggy stardust”.

Well, all of that just about gets our computational resources at the Institute for Duffological Studies bursting at its bolts. May fellow Duffophiles push the enquiry along, ever spying through their Duffoscopes to reach the stars within the Duffological universe.

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Red-hot Duff-Rover Tech Report #1

Posted on 21st October 2012

This is the first Technical Report from the Institute for Duffological Studies on the visits across Planet Earth to Planet Duff by humans (a working assumption) via the youtube communication channel.

Duff-tube view numbers and percentage increases 2011-2012 (pilot sample)

The Institute started recording youtube visitations to Planet Duff on July 18 2011. Eleven (11) sites on Planet Duff were quasi-randomly selected for monitoring. We have, today, sent out our Duff-Rover to make a fresh assay of visitations to these sites, and the above chart summarises the results thus far transmitted back to us.

Of our original sample of 11 sites, 9 were accessible at this time. Of these 9, the sample comprises a wide range of Duff performances – from his 1974 Paul Hogan showing, some Euro-Duffo, and some live Duff shows from 2009 – a bare smattering of Duff-stuff available via youtube, but certainly stuff worth following. What can we report of our latest assays of youtube visits to these sites?

+ TOP HITTING site: the most visited site, by a long shot, was the Kush performance of Easy Street on the Paul Hogan Show of 1974, with Duff as a waifling leading the band – with a prize-showing by Duff of many uncommon virtues: go-along fag theatre in the intro, sophisticated scat in the first chorus, watch-me-now surety but Aussie-reserved modesty by every later bar and frame of a performance that is cool by any standard of the post-moderns and the midday crooners. Over 2011 to 2012, visits to this site have increased by 42% – from about 24,000 to 34,000. At last count, visits to this site accounted for just less than a third – actually, 29.32845% – of all 100,000+ recorded youtube visits to Planet Duff (see below for specifications).

+ TOP GROWTH in VISITS was for the youtube Le Poseur – quickly followed by Duffodoll. These had a 199% and 181% increase in visits (respectively) – i.e., almost tripling their 2011 visits in little more than a year. To be sure, they started from a low base – both less than 500 views – but they are on a trajectory of exponential excess. “Le Poseur” itself increased in views from 338 to over 1,000. The Institute’s Duffologists are unable to explain this radical and extraordinary surge; a number of theories have been proposed; results pending. The average percentage increase in 2012 visits on top of 2011 visits across the sample was 76%.

“Stairway to Heaven”on ABC-TV “The Money or the Gun” (1990) achieved the second highest tally of visits, after “Easy Street”. Generally, vids of live shows (viz., “Time Traveller”) and TV appearances (incl. “Kiss” on The Midday Show) took on a mid-range level of growth.

The Duff-Rover at work assaying visits to Planet Duff (not to scale)

The Institute is now closely monitoring more sites on Planet Duff that are accessible via Channel Youtube – 65 tubes with 128,846 views so far, and summing to 4 hours, 35 minutes and 50 seconds of Duff-stuff – and will offer a further technical paper on these data, as the Duff-Rover signals them to hand. For links to these – go to the new youtubes page. The first and second highest ranking tubes among these 65 is the same as shown in the chart, but the third highest viewed Planet Duff youtubed site at this time is from Jeff Duff and the Prophets: “Spinning Wheel” on the Kerrie-Anne Channel 9 morning TV show.

The Institute kindly acknowledges those pioneering Duffonauts who have made available the tubes that the Duff-Rover is presently monitoring. Highest regards to the live work of Colin Hay, and so to the TV reminiscences, from VHS to youtube, of Angelgroover. Of the high-flying youtubes, “Le Poseur” was originally shunted home by bonzoboydog, and “Duffodoll” by thismusicismydesire.

For more hot astro-Duffo news, see this tube from inter-galactical alien interceptors of Duff-stuff.

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