Let’s Dance Guildford

Posted on 17th January 2018

Jeff Duff continues his Bowie homage all over the traps this year—but now somewhere extra special.

Having celebrated the making of the pub-scenes of Bowie’s Let’s Dance video at the original Carinda Hotel last October, Duff’s performance in Guildford makes up the balance: it was in Guildford that Bowie filmed the factory scenes in the video.

Here are the details:
Bowie Unzipped
Guildford Leagues Club
25-55 Tamplin Road, Guildford, New South Wales
January 20 @ 8:00 pm
Starring the Inimitable Jeff Duff
Tickets: $10 Members | $15 Non-Members


Will Duffo be costumed similarly for this homage—like Bowie, dressed as a bespectacled manager with clipboard in hand?

For more Bowie Unzipped tour dates, see the show’s website here.

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Nuovo Anno Duffo

Posted on 29th December 2017

The best way to greet a new year, isn’t it, in Italian? Non è vero? And Duffologically, ovviamente!

So, persone, join Maestro Duffo himself in 2018 New Year greeting with Kush All-star band:

[from John Monesante’s FB:]

GRAND WAZOO is counting down to NEW YEAR’S EVE at Bird’s Basement with a 13 piece Spectacular to
herald in 2018. This will be a 2 X Big Sets Stunning Show, featuring flamboyant and inimitable Jeff Duff and top women of soul, Janine Maunder and May Johnston. They will follow a marvellous piano set, with one of Australia’s jazz legends, Bob Sedergreen. The doors open from 6PM and the evening winds up after 12.30AM. There are special NYE x 5 course celebratory meal packages, designed by chef Gigi Bueno available.

Why Grand WaZoo & Jeff Duff?
Remember KUSH? This evening two members reunite in the mighty GRAND WAZOO to give you a fantastic night to remember. Singer-entertainer JEFF DUFF and Grand WaZoo band leader-trumpet-arranger, JOHN MONTESANTE were original founding members of 1970′s jazz-rock-fusion band, KUSH, gigging, touring, appearing on TV shows, performing at Sunbury Festival and recording the iconic ‘Snow White & The Seven Straights‘ album, with its hit song, Easy Street.

On New Years Eve, they shall revive the great BST, Cocker, Kush hits of the era, with top Soul classics as well. This will be a BIG NIGHT OUT out, at Bird’s Basement, near Flagstaff Station – with FREE Public Transport with All Night Services too.
Only a few days to wait!
BOOK NOW for the time of your life!: http://www.birdsbasement.com

Kush at Sunbury:

Kush on TV:

Grand Wazoo Easy Street:

And for a touch of Xmas …

Special Kush:

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Let’s Dance Las Vegas

Posted on 16th November 2017

JD recently performed at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Vegas. From his FB:

One of the many amazing Vegas highs for me this week was singing with these Memphis legends [below] at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Vegas. No need for a rehearsal with these dudes; from the moment they walked out on stage, they owned it! awesome band, inspiring gig!

More Duff Americana:

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Jeff Duff at Let’s Dance Carinda 2017 [review]

Posted on 8th October 2017

Following on from our preview here of Duff’s stellar performance at the Let’s Dance “Bowie Hotel” in Carinda, New South Wales, here’s some review of the event that was, this Sat 30 September to Mon 2 October:


A 6+ minute doco from Bernard Marden across the Carinda landscape, featuring its locals in celebration, closing in on Duff’s performance as it boomed across the town, then into the famed hotel itself:

Part 2 of a trilogy of first-person tour by Shawn Dare through the festival, here featuring Duff in concert, performing several Bowie songs:

Part 3 of Shawn Dare’s video trilogy, from inside the famed hotel, including interview with the mainman, and with Jak Housden:

Duff performs Golden Years in concert at Carinda:


Coonamble Times

“SO MANY smiling faces,” observed Jeff Duff from the stage at Carinda Showground on Saturday night 30 September.
‘Duffo’ and his band, featuring some of Australia’s top musicians, were the headline act for the second Let’s Dance Festival held in Carinda over the long weekend.
Bowie enthusiasts and music-lovers of all persuasions had made the trek …

Western Magazine

Visitors and locals were dancing in the street on the weekend, when for three massive days a small outback town was transformed into the Let’s Dance Carinda Festival. It was 34 years ago that legendary singer David Bowie shot the music video for ‘Let’s Dance’ in the town’s pub and over the weekend that iconic scene was re-enacted by performer Jeff Duff …

ABC-TV Lateline – includes 6 m 47 s video story + transcript

34 years ago, the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda became the setting of the now-iconic video for the hit song ‘Let’s Dance’. …
(Jeff Duff gets out of a car)

JEFF DUFF, ARTIST: It’s unbelievable. It’s like being in a county fair in midwest America, somewhere. Listen to the music. …
GINNY STEIN: Sydney artist Jeff Duff was once David Bowie’s neighbour. Now he performs his songs in tribute shows and the people of Carinda are hoping David Bowie’s legacy – with Jeff Duff’s help – can keep their town alive. …
JEFF DUFF: I don’t try and impersonate David Bowie. I just – when I do the Bowie shows, I do it as Jeff Duff. I have always dressed the same. I have always worn make-up. I have even got make-up on today. I think he’s just amazing. The legacy of not only his music but his art and technology: he has opened the doors for a lot of modern-day thinkers, you know.
GINNY STEIN: Jeff Duff first met the music legend in London, when Bowie came to see him perform.
JEFF DUFF: And I have always been sort of compared to Bowie; I guess because I’m tall, thin and white.
GINNY STEIN: When Bowie arrived in Carinda, the locals invited him in. Bowie was entranced by the vast landscapes of the outback, but what he saw as Australia’s endemic racism angered him.
JEFF DUFF: He was way ahead of his time with all of these issues. Amazing. So the ‘Let’s Dance’ thing stands for more than just an incredible song: it stands for an awareness. …

The Grey Nomads review the gig!

… The night was a blast, with every visitor from near and far having absolute fun dancing on a bed of dust and burrs. Jeff Duff is arguably a most flamboyant and creative Australian entertainer, best described as a tall waif of a man with a strong voice. Whilst not attempting to imitate David Bowie’s looks, rather keeping with his own style, he sang with gusto and energy. My red shoes certainly got a work out …

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Satellite tubes & views

Posted on 9th September 2017

Jeff Duff‘s performance of Bowie Unzipped in Melbourne’s Satellite Lounge this September has had many fans of the mainmen recording their ecstasy for posterity—in views and verbiage, so to speak, as follows:

“Duffo sings excellent Bowie!” – Happy Sunflower

“Both Artists are sensational singers.” – White Cat.

“Super song of David Bowie’s, sounding phenomenal with Jeff Duff on vocals.” – Coral

“Awesome performance:))” – Planet Blue.

“…. and where are the spiders ?” – Galaxy Glider

~ and as championed by all Duff-Bows,

(~ and some from the Caravan to come …!)

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Jeff Duff in Let’s Dance Carinda [preview]

Posted on 7th August 2017

Sat 30 Sept & Sun 1 Oct + Mon 2 Oct – Carinda (Outback NSW)
featuring Jeff Duff & Band, plus local bands, markets, food & bar, workshops


It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel.

David Bowie films Let’s Dance at Carinda Hotel, NSW for the smash worldwide hit proved the perfect companion for the ground breaking song. The added bonus of the scenes filmed in Carinda and the Warrumbungle National Park created the magical backdrop for what many regard as Bowie’s most distinctive and powerful video.

Since that date, the pub has become a mecca for Bowie fans from all over the world, looking to stand and be photographed in the same spot where Bowie filmed his video.

The town itself has now embraced this historic connection and hosts the annual “Let’s Dance Carinda” festival paying tribute to David Bowie and his remarkable music legacy.

This year the festival will feature the evergreen Jeff Duff and his band, playing both at the Carinda Showground on Saturday 1 September as well as a reenactment of the famous video in the Carinda Hotel on the Sunday. Jeff explains:

 I’m honoured to be following in Bowie’s footsteps to outback Carinda in NSW — the wonderfully remote outpost where Bowie spotlighted the plight of indigenous Australians in his iconic video for “Let’s Dance”. I’ve been a passionate Bowie disciple most of my life and plan on doing whatever I can to to keep the great man’s legacy alive! Jeff Duff

With a population of around 40, Carinda is about three hours drive from Dubbo and its remoteness certainly appeals to the more adventurous visitor. If you are planning to come to the festival there’s plenty of camping space at the local showground and lots of cold beer and drinks at the only pub for miles around. For city slickers it’s a real chance to get a taste of the outback with the added attraction of local bands, activities for both young and old and even a Bowie ‘Look-A-Like Competition’ plus lashings of country hospitality. Carinda would love to see you there! BOOK ONLINE at eventbrite.


Duff performs Let’s Dance

Sydney Opera House, 2014

Enmore Theatre, 2011

The Vanguard (now Leadbelly), Newtown, 2007

Sydney Festival, 2017 (including Starman)

Satellite Lounge, Melbourne, 2017

Bowie performs Let’s Dance at the Carinda Hotel

~ & what about that other venue in the video — the factory where Bowie slave-drives the children? That stark setting was in the Sydney suburb of Guildford. Could that suburb not also do with a Duff-Bowie renaissance?


~ Keep up to date with the event on Facebook Carinda Hotel Let’s Dance

~ ABC article about the Bowie fest at Carinda here with AUDIO from a Radio National feature here

~ and in the Huffington Post here

~ and at the BBC here

More Duff-Bowie gigs: bowieunzipped.com.au

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Jeff Duff in British Invasion Tour

Posted on 6th August 2017

11 minutes of Duff does Bowie in new vid from Paul Lacey of the British Invasion Tour (June-July 2017) — including Let’s Dance, China Girl, Starman — plus duet with “Elton Jack” and Rob Caudill (“Rod Stewart”) doing Under Pressure.


Jeff Duff performed the British Invasion Tour on/at:

  • Thu 22 June / Esso BHP Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre
  • Fri 23 June / REVESBY WORKERS
  • Sat 24 June / BELMONT 16 FOOTERS
  • Fri 30 June / DEE WHY RSL
  • Sat 1 July / WENTY LEAGUES
  • Fri 7 July / TWIN TOWNS
  • Sat 8 July / CALOUNDRA EVENTS Centre
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Duff Odyssey: Sydney Vivid Festival 2017

Posted on 7th June 2017
Quite a Duffological week. From the interviews on 2UE radio and ABC-TV’s One Plus One, to a couple performances by Duff of a sample of songs from his 30-odd original albums, followed by an inteview at the World Bar, Kings Cross as Jeff Duff’s visage shone over the town in the iconic Coca-Cola billboard. All in the ordinary scheme of things for this hardest-working artist in the country, but a whirlwind for the simple fan.
So the Duff Odyssey retrospective was showing on two nights—firstly at Brass Monkey, Cronulla on the Friday (2 June), and then at Leadbelly (ex-Vanguard) in Newtown the following night (3 June). The first was something of a rehearsal for the second. It involved lots of banter with the small but adoring audience in this far-flung province of Sydney. Duff performed two sets, the second involving some Bowie classics, with an encore of Suffragette City. Duff could not oblige further; he had a midnight train to catch back into town. The second show had a bigger, booming sound, with a wildly enthusiastic audience; from where this punter was watching the show upstairs, the mosh-pit looked a total Bacchanale; a mayhem of ecstasy, especially through the climaxes of Duff’s Killing this affair and Bowie’s Young Americans and Under Pressure; and, of course, MacArthur Park. Here’s the songlist of Duff tracks (and that latter signature tune) from the Duff Odyssey shows:

Here’s a sample from one of the performances (at Leadbelly), Duff and the band doing Skinny Girls, originally as part of the Alien Sex Gods—here with Jak Housden on guitar, Glenn Rhodes on keys, and Ben Isackson on drums—making up what must be the most experienced, versatile and talented rock-band in the country. Duff introduced the song with some apology for any perceived misogyny (from misandrists?), explaining that he really wrote the song only about himself (!)
… and another sample from the Leadbelly gig: Duff’s original 1980s single I Want to be the Pilot, from his Lexicon album. There was also a later version on the Jeff Duff Orchestra album, and you can see Duff performing the song with said orchestra here. It’s a resounding, almost Scott Walker-esque (Nite Flights) song, with some searing guitar and back-up singing.
The talk with Paris Pompor (4 June) in a theatrette in the World Bar (ex Kardomah Café), Kings Cross was an intriguing, joyful and even controversial 84 minutes. To much applause and cheering from the audience, Duff reflected on the sorry loss of the Cross’ unique cultural venues and character as it has become gentrified over the years; but added that “change is the only constant”, and it’s not really the Lord Mayor’s fault. He also recounted some performance experiences over the years, including when he first performed in the Cross music/strip-clubs (the Groovy Room, the Whisky a Go-Go) as a youth in the ’70s, and (in the same category, surely) a romp with the TV-soap star Abigail. There were also novel twists and colourings to some of the classic anecdotes, such as the Ray Martin Show ban, and the Ballarat arrest. Also some thrilling news about a plan to re-record the Fragile Spaceman album with the Australian Symphony Orchestra—albeit thwarted, at this stage, by the Australia Council with their deplorable decision to reject Duff’s grant application to assist it (the first time he’s sought what would only be some fitting return from the Oz taxpayer for all the work he’s done for Australian cultural life). Also an anecdote—worthy of a whole NewsCorp article— about Leonardo di Caprio’s "anxious assertiveness" toward the guest-star Duff on the set of The Great Gatsby. Much thrilling, charming news, too, including about new shoes, new suit, and a new bedside bicycle.
abigailduff and di caprio in the great gatsby
Getting “straightened out” by Abigail, and “put in his place” by Di Caprio: A couple of the subjects of Jeff Duff’s talk at the World Bar with Paris Pompor

The event was apparently video-recorded and there are ample pix of the event on JD’s FB; perhaps I’ll upload my personal audio-recording of it, if it doesn’t appear elsewhere and seems kosher. Meanwhile, there’s this video-recording (from Geoff Schuck) of an intimate rendition of MacArthur Park with which Duff closed this engagement. He dedicated it to his neighbour who was in the audience. She applauded the loudest, and can be seen at the end of the clip, in her red cape, rising to her feet, as others just shook their heads in wonder, clapped their hands with what energy they had left, having truly melted away at the majesty of the performance.
And here is the Coca-Cola billboard appearance; filmed in the rain, as various tourists gathered about me with their own cameras to catch whatever speciality I was filming (!). (Sorry to not have video-recorded other episodes of this week; crowds can be so inhibiting, and filming everything can reduce the immediate experience of being there at all.)
And then, the next day, Fullers Bookshop in Hobart was finally seen to carry Jeff Duff’s autobiography, This Will Explain Everything. This Duffologist only had to reshelve the thing; not good enough to simply show its spine amid so many others; the whole cover must be displayed.
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Duffo opens Croydon Underground with split personality

Posted on 13th February 2017

Jeff Duff opened the Croydon Underground Club in February 1985 in his alter ego as Cyril Trotts—as indicated in this poster for the gig (click to inspect). The poster indicates the date of the performance on February 16, which fell on a Saturday in 1985.

Duff’s Cyril Trotts EP was released in 1984. This is a 5-track album including a parody of Bowie’s "Heroes"—in mega-operatic mode—and of the songs Relax and Two Tribes by the contemporary superstars Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It’s available on itunes: Cyril Trotts to Bogna. For more about Duff’s Cyril Trotts act, see this blogpost about its track Santa is an Astronaut—an original Jeff Duff Xmas song.

Jeff Duff as Cyril Trotts (from album sleeve)

Past punters of the Club have offered reflections on the Underground Club, including in a post on the Bygone Croydon Facebook page and a CPFC forum:

Saw some memorable gigs at the Underground, devastated when it shut down. … 🙁 —jimble, 13 Nov 2006

The Underground was great :p And there was nothing quite like the friendly staff kicking you in the head if you nodded off on the stage 😀 [xab, 10 Nov 2006]

I used to go there religiously to see bands… it was a sad day when that closed down. 🙁 —Nork 1, 26 Jan 2008

my first and only stabbing in the underground / one of the door man / the guy just ran a blade over his back and quick as a flash run up the stairs / and out the doors / / in knew the door man and / the knife man—Mike Jones, 26 Jan 2014

The decor was often naff (flock wallpaper and sticky carpet), the beer sometimes watered down …, the food pretty iffy (what other club feeds you stodge like rice and French bread as soon as you walk through the door – thank you Cinatra’s), you got completely plastered on jugs of Double Diamond or Worthington E, alcopops hadn’t been invented, and if you were lucky you copped off with some bird that probably went to school with your Mum 😉 [La Bombonera, 10 Nov 2006]

Other artists who performed there included:

  • Sigue Sigue Sputnik (June-August 1985) [poster]
  • The Stone Roses (July 4 1985) [ref]
  • Rubella Ballet, and The Fur Bible (Sept 1985) [ref]
  • All About Eve (Dec 5 1985; Jan 16, Feb 20, May 2, June 22, Sept 21 1986) [ref]
  • The Fall (Thurs 11 Sept 1986) [poster, or on flickr]
  • The Stranglers (Sun 1 May 1988) [ref]
  • Gong and Tribal Hearts (Jan 1989) [ref]

The posters got somewhat more creative in the Club’s later years: a collection is here, and at songkick.com, including this. These show that, among other acts performing there, were Duff’s compatriots, the Australian band The Triffids.

Something of the feel of the club can be heared from this audio recording of a Sigue Sigue Sputnik performance at the club, six months after Duff opened it.

See the environs of the club today via Google maps here.

Cyril Trots on Spotify:

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Jeff Duff celebrates Bowie at Hope Estate Vines with Australian Symphony Orchestra

Posted on 17th October 2016


Pre-show promo pic of Housden, Stace, Ellis, Balbi and Duff

Pre-show promo pic of Housden, Stace, Ellis, Balbi and Duff

Jeff Duff—together with Steve Balbi and Brydon Stace—performed 3 hours of David Bowie songs at the Hope Estate, Pokolbin this last Saturday (15 Oct 2016). While the Stones, Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles have played there before, this show surely topped the lot in having George Ellis conducting the Australian Symphony Orchestra as "back-up".

Set in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley wine region, it was a perfectly sunny, 360º cloud-free day, the show commencing at sun-down: circa 7:00 p.m., and not letting up by 10:30 p.m..

George Ellis is well-known for his conducting job at the opening of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and also his work in musical education. He comes with some rock sensibility as well, having been part of Sydney’s 1980s post-punk band-scene (Weekend Australian, 2010.04.10-11). Sporting the Aladdin Sane make-up, he also took the audience’s breath away from the start when, on first turning to face the orchestra to raise his baton, the iconic lightening flash was seen to adorn the back of his coat. So he set the stage ablaze! But then—we drew our breaths again—: by opening with the Bowie/Eno instrumental Warszawa (see youtube), we were offered an evocative sample from Bowie’s oeuvre, one that recalled how Bowie himself opened his “white light” shows of the late ’70s. So the show commenced by emphasising the art of the MainMan ahead of the party. So true to Ellis’ word ahead of the show, as reported in the Newcastle Herald (2016.06.30):

 The Thin White Duke’s music lends itself beautifully to the array of colours of the orchestra. Rich textures and harmonies weave in and out of his songs, making them perfect to decorate. George Ellis

Balbi opened the first song-set with Ziggy Stardust. He also took over most of the glam-era numbers, including Diamond Dogs, Rock-n-Roll Suicide and Jean Genie; as well as a stomping, über-funky, pleasantly mad Fame, coaxing it out in mind-splitting saxophonic treats from Ross Middleton. With Quicksand, Balbi reached back to Bowie as pre-funk, pre-icon poet-philosopher; and together with Life on Mars, had the orchestra making a particularly prominent and powerful contribution. Balbi’s stagework was as stunningly idiosyncratic as usual; the whole ecstatic messiah treatment (as also at, e.g., the 2012 Ziggy Show).

Stace offered his Olympian energy and polished vocals (a siren here, a tornado there) to a wide array of songs, from Ashes to Ashes to The Man Who Sold the World (see youtube) to Sorrow. Also as professional and breath-taking were the dazzling array of dance-figures that kept popping out from his every joint. Quite the stadium performer, commanding every possible precipice and pedestal of the huge stage with his muscular Freddie Mercurial stances.

And Jeff Duff. Doing the more emotive songs … an artful Lazarus (as previously seen at the Enmore and the Basement bio launch), and Wild is the Wind (as also seen at the Sydney Opera House). So he took to the stage with cool, meditative strides in the manner of Bowie himself, as he approached the Glastonbury stage. Also on board for the baritone singing; Let’s Dance, China Girl … Also a recall of his touching eulogy for Bowie. Of course there were doses of his "naughty" patter and moves, but the bulk of his challenges to the audience were to honour the MainMan who the "ten thousand peopleoids" or such had come to party in the spirit of.

The trio emerged to give a combined effort on Five Years, "Heroes" and (for encore) Rebel Rebel and Suffragette City, while Duff and Stace did their usual combo for Under Pressure (as also seen at the Enmore Theatre and the Sydney Opera House), and so Duff and Balbi on Space Oddity (as seen on Channel 10 TV). Costume-changes for every song, too; Duff, say, in his golden outfit for Golden Years (see youtube), then in red with top-hat (just his style) for Space Oddity, his new space-helmet with white Pierrot suit for Starman, and so on.

Jak Housden doing Moonage Daydream with a top-level voice of Bowie and guitar of Mick Ronson—as at the legendary Santa Monica gig. Interesting to see Jess Ciampa in his orchestral home, and to see more of the band’s newcomer Christo (Station to Station).

Lighting was exceptional, too. Working with a ring of lights about the huge disc above the stage—always projecting a close-up of the singers in song, or a deft selection of Bowie pics—the stage could be lit at times like the centre of a supernova, or the halls of Lang’s Metropolis. Sound was booming but bright; bringing out the aural delights of the orchestral strings to emotional splendour, as in Quicksand, or simply striking out the rhythms in body blows through, say, Fame. All radiating out from the huge, towering stage, the effect was of a constant tidal-wave of multi-sensory provocation.

Stage management was also interesting to watch; emergencies portended and avoided, mics arighted, and so on, with ardent precision.

And so it ended as Duff prophesied ahead of the show in the Maitland Mercury (2016.09.28):

 It’s going to be challenging, this eclectic rock band with acoustic strings. [But] Bowie used a lot of orchestral arrangements, it suits David Bowie more than most artists. It will be really exciting. … It does sort of build up to this raging climax and we do end up rocking out at the end. Even the violins and cellos will be rocking out. Jeff Duff

Harpist and singer-songwriter Anna Morgana opened the event. Blends of Keyes, Hagen, P. Smith, Bush, maybe, but certainly, as someone behind me said, "she sounds like some Australian singer". That was also a discovery to keep making.

Good to see an Artist Merchandise stall. Duff’s autobiography for sale (it’s always tempting to get yet another one!), and the DVD of Colin Hay‘s Ziggy/Unzipped live show videos (see the TUBES database; I got mine, to add to the TRACKS database).

For PIX of the gig, see Tania Smith’s album here, and Russell Cherry’s album here; like this one ahead of the classic electric fellatio scene, and a simple, all dude family-shot:

See why Duff calls Housden his Mick Ronson (and why Bowie called Ronson his Jeff Beck) in this searing solo by Housden on Ziggy Stardust

See the Bowie Unzipped site for more Duff/Bowie gigs—including his January 2017 tour including NSW, Vic, SA and WA.

~ And a thank you to the Zepher bus-blokes for getting me there and back to Central, and even championing me with a round of applause for topping their Bowie quiz! Did I get an extra point for getting Iman’s surname right? Or was it just that I didn’t confuse The man who fell to earth with The man who sold the world? We’ll never know. Meat-eaters bringing their deathly, smelly stuff on the bus aside (just to make a point), it was an easy and a glorious trip. Ta for stoking the flames with your Bowie Quiz—and for saving that back-seat.

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“This will explain everything”: The Jeff Duff autobiography

Posted on 9th March 2016

jeff_duff_autobiography_cover_b_1The long-awaited Jeff Duff autobiography has been published — released in May 2016.

Crafted by Duff over many years, gloriously published by Melbourne Books, the work has a provocative promise as its title: “This will explain everything“, being a 248 page tome, hard cover printed on gold foil, beginning with a Foreword by Molly Meldrum. Here are some excerpts from Australia’s mainman of the popular music industry:


 Unique is an over-used word in showbiz. But Jeff Duff is unique. …

 Flamboyant, eccentric, cheeky, charming …

 Jeff Duff is one of the greatest entertainers Australia has producedMolly Meldrum

Order here from: melbournebooks.com.au.

Promo on Channel 7’s Daily Edition:

Promo on Channel 10

Excerpt of the ABC Radio National interview of Jeff Duff with Wendy Harmer ahead of the Sydney launch:

Interview with Duff re the book on RRR radio program The Australian Mood 26 May: on demand here or see the program page here.

Interview with Duff re the book on Maynard’s webcast here.

Performing Young Americans at the Basement (Sydney) launch of the book, Tues May 31:

Interview by Jeff Jenkins at the Flying Saucer Club (Melbourne) launch of the book, Sunday June 5:

Performing Easy Street at the Flying Saucer Club (Melbourne) launch of the book, Sunday June 5:

And listen to Lazarus from the same gig:

Pic of Duff at the Flying Saucer (Melbourne) launch of the book, Sun 5 June:

#JeffDuff at @flyingsaucerclubmusic yesterday…

A photo posted by Karen Freedman (@maccak) on

QUESTION: What was one of the earlier proposed titles for Duff’s autobiography (according to his blog of some years ago)?

The Naked Singer
The Disappearing Boy
I am a Genius
They said he was a fragile spaceman
Bashed, Banned but Unbewildered

More Duff quiz questions here.

FACT: It’s been a longtime coming. Already in 2004, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Duff was "putting the finishing touches to an autobiography that will be published next year". See the SMH article here.

From the launch of This will explain everything at Better Read Than Dead 265 King Street Newtown, NSW · Sun 19 June 2:00 p.m.:

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Ziggy returns

Posted on 25th January 2016

Ziggy The Songs of David BowieJeff Duff’s Ziggy: The Songs of David Bowie show returns to NSW venues in June 2016—as reported by noise11.com.

5 dates announced so far—from Newcastle to Wollongong—including a station to station dash from the Thirroul show down south on a Friday up to the Enmore Theatre, Newtown, on the Saturday. See the “Hot stuff” sidebar for dates.

Going by previous Ziggy shows, Duff might well lead the band and feed the crowd with performances of Ashes to ashes, China girl, "Heroes", Let’s dance, Sorrow, Space oddity, Starman, Young Americans and the ever-astounding rendition by Duff of Wild is the Wind à la Bowie.

With Brydon Stace on board for the high-top singing, he might also pull out Under pressure. And with Steve Balbi on board, there’s a good chance of burning off on a blistering Moonage daydream.

There are plenty of ‘tubes out there to get an early fix of the show, as performed at the Sydney Opera House, the Enmore Theatre, et al., in previous years. See the duffstuff catalogue of Duff tubes here—links to 17 tubes from the Ziggy Shows, + 31 from the Bowie Unzipped shows. For example, for starters:

Blogposts/Reviews re earlier Ziggy shows: 2014, 2013 and 2012 at the Opera House, 2012 in Adelaide, and 2011 at the Enmore Theatre.

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Maestro Duffo Alitalia: Jeff Duff at the Norton Street Festa 2015

Posted on 29th October 2015


The Norton Street Festa of Italian culture in Sydney this October 25 did not miss a Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr rat-pack. Short of the Festa being all pasta workshops, pizza, screaming bambini, screaming Mammas, groaning Pappas, beautiful people and cheesy French Fries, the Festa sported its own Rat-Pack in the form of Jeff Duff, Glenn Rhodes and Jess Ciampa on its mainstage from 1:00 p.m.

Well, at least the water-carrier was thanked by Duff for the vodka, and an appointment was made for whacky-backy with some happy bearded man in the crowd. All in good humour, of course, given Duff’s a totally clean machine. And that was really the extent of the rat-packery. The mood was merry, charitable and festive.

Some samples follow of the songs, complete with the festive sounds of the merry crowd.


Among the songs performed by the Duffo Trio were Walk on the Wildside, Walking in Memphis, Sorrow and Sailing ….

cumberbatch_1Sailing is the Chris Cross track. It’s not usually of a cool calibre. Specifically, if you were into Duffo when Chris Cross’ Sailing first came out in 1979, you’d’ve surely missed it, maybe even sneeringly. But if you’ve since expanded your tastes, thanks especially to Duff’s own evolving catalogue, it’s a cool beauty as performed by the Trio. Sure, Chris Cross’s own version is pretty nasal; he abbreviates and just about squanders every meaningful potential of his own song. In Duff’s hands, in His Master’s Voice, and the keys and beats of Rhodes and Ciampa, this song is now a musical experience of genuine and graceful optimism—primed with Duff’s elegant elocution, and the artful way he expresses melancholy as he offers hope. There is nothing so bombastic as Walt Whitman’s claim to “sing the body electric”. There is more of the angelic hope of Keats, ready to die in the wake of the nightingale’s sweet song. Optimism that soars while being deeply anchored. Sailing, indeed. Try it at the bus-stop (I did, in Blacktown, and never lived longer).


Love the one you’re with

The Trio of Duff, Rhodes and Ciampa was popular, driven to two encores, kindly over time. Amid these encores came the only really Italian track by the trio, given its association with "Dino Martino":


The song was recorded by Duff for the 2007 So Quiet album (available on iTunes), and Duff performed Sway on the popular nationwide Kerrie-Anne Show on Channel 9 TV:

Hard to get a shot let alone a vid at the Italian Festa without the various body parts of festival goers cavorting through every circumstance. So many of the shots from this occasion miss out on Duff’s feet. One tried hard to get a shot of what looked like a pair of particularly special Duff shoes; but whenever one got a frame on them, the Maestro’s mercurial spirit took him flying off left or right, and so on, over and over again.

For another experience of the Trio: Sun 29 Nov at St Leonards Park, Miller St, North Sydney, at the Spring into Jazz Festival from 3:00 pm. Read about Duff at last year’s Spring into Jazz here.

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Golden Eve: The Premier Bowie Is @ ACMI Gig

Posted on 12th July 2015

Jeff Duff talk/performance on BOWIE IS opening night

July 16, 2015; followed by the Bowie Late Nights and Symposia @ ACMI:

From ACMI:

Step back in time with glam rock legend  Jeff Duff  as he explores his prolific music career and the impact of Bowie on his work and life.

From the glitz’n’glam of his Ziggy performances, to his trips beyond the stardust with his BOWIE Unzipped shows, Duff will take audiences on a journey behind the scenes of his onstage engagement with Bowie and his music, and lifts the glitter-spattered lid on a flamboyant career that spans the 1970s to today.

A very special guest of the program, the legendary Australian rocker kicks off the Strange Fascinations series, and will perform an intimate set of songs at the conclusion of the talk.

Jeff Duff and Glenn Rhodes: opening night: Bowie IS @ ACMI

Jeff Duff and Glenn Rhodes: opening night: Bowie IS @ ACMI

JD informs us, as follows, re the golden eve he performed with Rhodes on the grand:

my conversation/performance was very professionally organised. Jess McGuire interviewed amidst a steady flow of Duffo slides and anecdotes. My performance was with Glenn on grand piano on the main stage with a giant screen projecting duffo images. As it was opening night it was a wonderful audience and it sounded beautiful. I return in Sept to perform more at the exhibition.

Duff returns for a performance at the exhibtion, September 2015:

Nobody can touch him, really, as far as the different styles of music that he’s attacked and developed. And also, not only that, but his incredible style. I think he’s without a doubt the coolest rock star on the planet.Jeff Duff re David Bowie on ABC Melbourne radio Nov 2010

jeff duff, david bowie

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Duff @ FOV: Tasmania’s Festival of Voices [Preview and Review]

Posted on 26th June 2015



 Jeff Duff  brings the songs of  David Bowie  to the Tasmanian Festival of Voices on the evenings of Friday 3 and Saturday 4 July. That’s Bowie × Duff @ the Hobart City Hall.

See here for the Bowie Unzipped Toolbox and other blogposts about the Duff/Bowie shows, like at the Sydney Opera House in 2014 and 2013 and 2012.

hobart_july_weather Going by the weather forecast for Hobart, it will be interesting to see how much of a Bowie Unzipped show this one will be.

From The Mercury about the Festival:

"SINGERS from across Australia will descend on Hobart this week for this year’s Festival of Voices … More than 2000 singers – the most in the event’s 11-year history – are coming to participate in the festival, about two-thirds of them from interstate. … About 12,500 tickets were purchased for Festival of Voices performances last year and organisers are hoping to increase that figure to 16,000 — including more than 1200 to interstate buyers — this year, with a 114 per cent increase in ticket pre-sales so far." … read more

Mind you, this time in 2014, the same paper reported that 25,000 tickets were expected to be sold for the last Festival. Hopefully this year’s estimate is more reliable; with Duff for sure.

From the venue:

"Hobart City Hall is being transformed for the Festival of Voices: "into a musical Luna Park … with cocktail and lounge areas, candlelight and cabaret performances, … a place of temptation for the senses." … read more

hobart_city_hallThe ABC also has this recent article about the history of the venue:

"From Dame Nellie Melba to AC/DC, a 1954 state reception for Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as trade fairs, exhibitions, political and religious gatherings, dances and balls, Monday night wrestling, school speech and social nights, the City Hall has welcomed all." read more


Exciting from the start what with the Strauss “2001 theme” reverberating through the hall, from ground zero, crowned, creamed and topped-off by Duff’s backstage baritone spruiking up the spectable to come. Glenn Rhodes, Jess Ciampa, and Jak Housden emerged in genuine NASA outfits, taking up positions at keys/bass, drums/percussion, guitar (respectively) … followed by Duff in golden angel-wings, intoning that revolutionary “la, la, la, la” of Bowie’s Starman. Then followed Ziggy Stardust, … China Girl

Duff, Rhodes, Ciampa and Housden performed some songs that are not always a common part of their Bowie Unzipped repertoire; or did them in previously unfigured ways (and way outs). Here are recordings from one or another of the 2 nights off my phone of the same: go your graphic equalizer.

Modern Love


Walk on the wildside

All the young dudes

Ziggy Stardust

These are just samples, tasters to keep us getting hither and smacked to the next Duff-does-Bowie gig.

And as for the “Festival”:

City Hall was spectacular at least as it was magically caught in Duff’s earrings; there was nothing of the promised “Luna Park” of sensory smorgasbord that FOV’s marketeers spun about in its invitations. Against the often undistracting back-drops (a flat wash of purple here, then one of green, and so on, occasionally dispersed with bubbles and streaks), Duff’s two little earrings “blitzed” out like fire-flies, beguilingly sparked anew with his every twitch, encasing his pretty head with every idea we might yet know of Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor.

And as for the audience

All quickly warmed to Duff’s characteristic breaking of the 4th wall, through his ambient patter, and his frequent ambles down-stage and beyond, his conversational piques and prods.

How’s this for some patter? — "Does David Bowie get you aroused?" Duff queries [‘yay,’ all scream] — then Duff asks “"How about the ladies?" [muted guffaws follow].

On the first night, pitched royally front and centre in the auditorium, was the excellent presence of the late Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings, with the now Federal Labor senator Lisa Singh, also at table. Plain courtesy and discretion prevent us from reporting what exactly was the answer to Duff’s question, from this table, as he ad libbed to Young Americans, "Do you remember … your Julia Gillard …?". (A different sentiment, anyway, than guffed out in Julia’s time …)

Dufff and Bowie fan Premier Lara Giddings: Quizzed re Same Sex Marriage Law in Tasmania (2012)

Duff and Bowie fan Premier Lara Giddings: Quizzed re Same Sex Marriage Legislation in Tasmania

On the second night, Duff got up three likely “Bopsy Twins” to perform the “Do-to-do” parts, with dance steps, throughout his rocky and then funky rendition of his ever popular "Walk on the wildside.". So the crowd was lock-stepped with him all the way. Duff even cut through the 5th wall at the end of the 2nd night by getting the dame who called for “lights out” to come out and report why: a curfew, she alleged, was nigh. Duff carried on, obligingly, with a short but swelling song (“All the young dudes”), and no encore.

The night before, someone (who?) almost got JD excited enough to do “MacArthur Park” for an encore. Well, it’s always up there in the top 3 or 4 of his youtube hits. But the crowd here in Hobart, as elsewhere, are rusted on glam and dance fans, calling out for “Jean Genie” to the end, and giving much less than thunderous applause to the operatic arts of Duff’s “Wild is the wind” (rarely performed by Bowie himself). So, no post-“Let’s Dance” Bowie here, no “I’m Afraid of Americans,” “I’m Deranged,” “The Dreamers,” “Sunday,” “Where are we now?,” or so on. That’s all probably a whole ‘nother show worth. “Bowie Intime,” perhaps.

Bowie’s songs are more important than Duff’s own? That’s something JD announced, amid his patter. Explore. Everything Duff’s composed, from "Logical Questions to God" to "Mumbo Jumbo" would set free-men building coliseums across the Milky Way, all in the hope and herald of Duff’s showing, while saints come long and hard, cathedral-high, in photons and alabaster, delirious like automatons, into aeons of Renaissance, blinding all eternities in showers of Enlightenment.

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Duff in Bowie Unzipped travels far in December

Posted on 2nd December 2014

lizottes_newcastle_tableDuff’s popular Bowie Unzipped show is travelling this December, firstly:

Tickets are selling fast, it seems, as all the red-spots in this latest booking plan for the Newcastle show indicate.

For reviews about Duff’s Bowie, Ziggy and other live shows, see this site here.

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Amazing grace

Posted on 29th November 2014

Returning from his Mullumbimby glory, then a Kings Cross street festival and a gala event at Sydney’s State Theatre, Jeff Duff sung "Amazing Grace" at a funeral of Terry Halliday, Friday, 28 November—which comments on his Facebook, with over 200 likes, report with great gratitude.

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On the road to Duffo: Mullumbimby Music Festival 2014

Posted on 18th November 2014
Mullumbimby, that is

Mullumbimby, that is

The Duffo-pilgrimage of 2014 continues — now by way of a long road to the Mullumbimby Music Festival, courtesy of Antonionio at the wheel (I know how to spell his name, I just don’t know when to stop). Hope to document this travelling as it goes, and also to be so bold as to take post-worthy pics of the performances. The opening night has already sold out (but we’ll be there), and then there are afternoon gigs day-by-day (checking in). Potential plus! Duff is appearing in Kings Cross later on the same weekend, and then at the Rock Opera night at the State Theatre – from wearing flowers in his hair, to dodging king-hits, and then frocking up for something truly regal, all in a blink of days. Unless Antonionio is good for whipping, I don’t think we can follow Duffo all the way from Mullo back to Sydney so swiftly. But plenty of blinding spells to be reported soon enough and nevertheless, via this channel of Duffophilia.

So Jeff Duff played the Civic Hall on its opening nite (Thurs, Nov 20), on a fly-in. A German lady I met, Duffo-dumb till then, thought he was on cookies! But she also said he struck her as like broaching the line between genius and madness, in league with “David Bowie” and “Kate Bush”. Well, I rose up to the challenge of discussing this stuff, slipped verbally up and down here and there … and that’s enough of that night.

Then there was the Poinciana Café the following night (Fri, Nov 21). I didn’t exactly shadow Duffo but kept somehow in his wake as he, pre-performance, ordered a vego meal. I was, as a matter of fact, on the look-out for the same. That’s how I’d just excused myself, for hunger’s sake, from the German lady of the previous night, who was there again at this gig. But, all feeding and gabbing aside, Duff was soon up on stage—only to be attacked by Xmas beetles from all sides. Glenn Rhodes (who had just improvised some legs for his keys, so prepared the venue was …) later remarked that they performed like a punk band that whole night long, as they batted away this plague. It was a distressing debacle. My meal arrived with a beetle upon it. Mullumbimby pavements were absolutely caked with Xmas beetle. Vegans filled the nut-house. Duff and Rhodes championed on.

The highlight was the St. Martin’s Hall gig the next day (Sat, Nov 22). There the masses fully thronged the pulpits. And Duff and Rhodes reached deep down into their whole armamentarium of sound to deliver potent renditions of “Yesterday,” “Walking in Memphis,” “My baby just cares for me,” among others, including a swag of Bowie, in the hour. Rhodes played with mesmeric power throughout, surprising with his every harmonic choice, and his basic legerdemain. He’s truly the pianist to Duff as Mike Garson is to Bowie. As he explained later, his wonderful arrangement of “Walk on the wildside” works by him taking the minor chords to each of the major chords in Duff’s vocal lines. It makes for a bold and novel, arousing working of the song. How the crowds flocked to Duff and Rhodes after this performance, after they marvelled in applause to each and every song.

Here’s a tube, courtesy of Anthony, featuring Duff on concentrated, sublime vocals, and Rhodes in bar-by-bar wonders referencing just about every jazz style—absolute mainmen of keys and cords (folds of membranous tissue which project inwards from the sides of the larynx to form a slit across the glottis in the throat, and whose edges vibrate in the airstream to produce the voice):

See also their performance of Walking in Memphis at the same gig.

Some notes from another punter about the St Martin’s gig are here.

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