Ziggy returns

Posted on 25th January 2016

Ziggy The Songs of David BowieJeff Duff’s Ziggy: The Songs of David Bowie show returns to NSW venues in June 2016—as reported by noise11.com.

5 dates announced so far—from Newcastle to Wollongong—including a station to station dash from the Thirroul show down south on a Friday up to the Enmore Theatre, Newtown, on the Saturday. See the “Hot stuff” sidebar for dates.

Going by previous Ziggy shows, Duff might well lead the band and feed the crowd with performances of Ashes to ashes, China girl, "Heroes", Let’s dance, Sorrow, Space oddity, Starman, Young Americans and the ever-astounding rendition by Duff of Wild is the Wind à la Bowie.

With Brydon Stace on board for the high-top singing, he might also pull out Under pressure. And with Steve Balbi on board, there’s a good chance of burning off on a blistering Moonage daydream.

There are plenty of ‘tubes out there to get an early fix of the show, as performed at the Sydney Opera House, the Enmore Theatre, et al., in previous years. See the duffstuff catalogue of Duff tubes here—links to 17 tubes from the Ziggy Shows, + 31 from the Bowie Unzipped shows. For example, for starters:

Blogposts/Reviews re earlier Ziggy shows: 2014, 2013 and 2012 at the Opera House, 2012 in Adelaide, and 2011 at the Enmore Theatre.

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Duff in Bowie Unzipped travels far in December

Posted on 2nd December 2014

lizottes_newcastle_tableDuff’s popular Bowie Unzipped show is travelling this December, firstly:

Tickets are selling fast, it seems, as all the red-spots in this latest booking plan for the Newcastle show indicate.

For reviews about Duff’s Bowie, Ziggy and other live shows, see this site here.

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Ziggy Show 2014 Cool-Down

Posted on 18th August 2014

After the August Ziggy Shows, many people will need a cool-down … so try …

+ vids by Colin Hay of the Duff & Co Ziggy Show that was: Recently updated (pre-August 2014) to now include Let’s Dance and Young Americans:

+ a Ziggy-esque performance of Eagle Rock by the Duff at The Great Australian Songbook show, 26 May, Enmore Theatre:

~ and how about pre-listening to some recorded Duff-does-Bowie tracks (includes Duff-as-Cyril covering "Weirdos" off Cyril Trotts to Bogna):

+ and there’s this pic of Duff at the ACMI announcement, mid the Ziggy shows, Aug 13, of their score for 2015 (16 July to 1 Nov): Bowie IS.Duff at ACMI Bowie IS announcement

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Bowie “Unzipped” tool-kit

Posted on 3rd May 2014

How to keep inspired ahead of the Duff-Bowie quest this May, as Duff offers 5 Bowie-themed performances across Sydney? How to keep the spirits up beyond the Budget and the winter? What to talk about with Sally and Harry all the way to Cronulla? Well hey man, let’s keep storming and clicking through the tubes and tracks …

Duff’s Bowie live performance tubes

From among about 1/4 million views of Duff-tubes, here are the latest stats (3rd May 2014) for tubes of Jeff Duff performing Bowie songs (as per the Duff-Rover) – from his Vanguard shows in 2007, to his 2013 show at the Sydney Opera House: sorted by views per days online:

Duff-Bowie youtube statistics

(The more clicks per days online, the bigger/higher the bar.
Actual view-counts shown next to the bar.
For links, check-out the Duff tubes database here.)

Duff’s most popular Bowie concert performance to date: Wild is the wind, 2012, Sydney Opera House (1140 views as of posting):

planet_earth_is_blue"Planet Earth is Blue": a Duff-at-the-Enmore Odyssey (403 views as of posting). See Jeff Duff also performing Space Oddity on 2UE radio and 10 News. More Duff tubes here.

Duff blogs re the Ziggy shows

Duff blog June 2013

Duff blog May 2012

[Oops …! We neglected to pick up this piece of Duff-Bowie stuff: A partial pick of Duff performing “Ziggy Stardust” as part of his Alien Sex Gods gigging. It mostly features Peter Northcote on guitar, rather than the Duff. But go for rare! It has 3,916 views after 2,825 days online, for a 1.39 ranking in 4th place up above.]

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Ziggy Opera House 2013

Posted on 9th June 2013

ziggy_operahouse_my1_sm1Get downing those protein pills and upping the carbs for this one: Jeff Duff & Co bang the Sydney Opera House with Bowie bonuses all night long this July.
Get a wham-bam of the 2012 show here, as reviewed by YT, or as youtubed here by Colin Hay (includes Wild is the wind). And then there’s the State Theatre Show, the Adelaide Show, the Enmore Theatre Show

You’ve read enough!

Ready to rebel? Can afford a ticket? 18 July 2013 – 20 July 2013.

Can’t wait for the man? TV previews here: On the Channel 9 morning show:
jeff duff and steve balbi and ziggy band on channel 9 morning show 2013

and the Channel 7 morning show (a pre-fabbed mash-up of several previewed songs, not for epileptics, with Larry Emdur’s sugary overdubs, pending the corp’s own publication of the event):

See also a swag of fizzy quotables about nakedness and such in this Sydney Star Observer interview with Duff about the show.

Whether you’re a lover, brother or mother, get your Ziggy Opera House tickets here.

Review & pix of the 2013 shows in The Australian.

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