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Posted on 13th February 2011

I’ve decided, more or less, to start up this site aiming to put down and possibly get feedback about affects/appraisals about the musician and vocal artist Jeff Duff. More practically, info on this site might be useful when going to a Duff show, and listening to Duff records. I see myself posting new stuff here a week or so apart.

What I know about Mr. Duff, before a couple weeks ago, when I started rifling through his youtubes and buying up his CDs, was very little in number. I remember seeing Kush on the tele in the 1970s, as a kid, and repeated the name of the band over and over again so that I’d never forget that astounding vision. Then I remember seeing Mr Duff on Donnie Sutherland’s “Sounds Unlimited” late 70s/early 80s?, Duff’s many striking album covers flashed to the screen by Donnie. Then Duffo surfaced on Australian television with his video-hit-cover, “Walk on the Wildside”, and then I was seated in the State Theatre, Sydney, off to see (the late) Phoebe Snow, when Mr. Duff led the show. He did this soaring song (I haven’t heard it since!, to date) that I memorized and recall as “I want to be the pilot”, and, later into the show, an über-epic “Maria“. After 20 or so years, I had that speciality again: Again in the State Theatre. Only this year. Only a couple months ago. The Jeff Duff show “Songs of David Bowie”, co-starring Balbi, Iota and Stace. The wings he wore on that first song, “Star Man”, cast the spell for the rest of the show; Angel-Man, right up to the “Young Americans” encore. Then he was enthroned at the top of the whirling stairs, from where he graciously greeted with a hand-shake some fans lost and loiterering about after the show.

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– rodg.
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