Let’s Dance Guildford

Posted on 17th January 2018

Jeff Duff continues his Bowie homage all over the traps this year—but now somewhere extra special.

Having celebrated the making of the pub-scenes of Bowie’s Let’s Dance video at the original Carinda Hotel last October, Duff’s performance in Guildford makes up the balance: it was in Guildford that Bowie filmed the factory scenes in the video.

Here are the details:
Bowie Unzipped
Guildford Leagues Club
25-55 Tamplin Road, Guildford, New South Wales
January 20 @ 8:00 pm
Starring the Inimitable Jeff Duff
Tickets: $10 Members | $15 Non-Members


Will Duffo be costumed similarly for this homage—like Bowie, dressed as a bespectacled manager with clipboard in hand?

For more Bowie Unzipped tour dates, see the show’s website here.

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Nuovo Anno Duffo

Posted on 29th December 2017

The best way to greet a new year, isn’t it, in Italian? Non è vero? And Duffologically, ovviamente!

So, persone, join Maestro Duffo himself in 2018 New Year greeting with Kush All-star band:

[from John Monesante’s FB:]

GRAND WAZOO is counting down to NEW YEAR’S EVE at Bird’s Basement with a 13 piece Spectacular to
herald in 2018. This will be a 2 X Big Sets Stunning Show, featuring flamboyant and inimitable Jeff Duff and top women of soul, Janine Maunder and May Johnston. They will follow a marvellous piano set, with one of Australia’s jazz legends, Bob Sedergreen. The doors open from 6PM and the evening winds up after 12.30AM. There are special NYE x 5 course celebratory meal packages, designed by chef Gigi Bueno available.

Why Grand WaZoo & Jeff Duff?
Remember KUSH? This evening two members reunite in the mighty GRAND WAZOO to give you a fantastic night to remember. Singer-entertainer JEFF DUFF and Grand WaZoo band leader-trumpet-arranger, JOHN MONTESANTE were original founding members of 1970′s jazz-rock-fusion band, KUSH, gigging, touring, appearing on TV shows, performing at Sunbury Festival and recording the iconic ‘Snow White & The Seven Straights‘ album, with its hit song, Easy Street.

On New Years Eve, they shall revive the great BST, Cocker, Kush hits of the era, with top Soul classics as well. This will be a BIG NIGHT OUT out, at Bird’s Basement, near Flagstaff Station – with FREE Public Transport with All Night Services too.
Only a few days to wait!
BOOK NOW for the time of your life!: http://www.birdsbasement.com

Kush at Sunbury:

Kush on TV:

Grand Wazoo Easy Street:

And for a touch of Xmas …

Special Kush:

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Jeff Duff on davidbowie.com

Posted on 22nd December 2017

When Jeff Duff‘s beautiful album Fragile Spaceman was reviewed on David Bowie‘s official website, on 1 February, 2011:

Ziggy gets a similar treatment to the rest of the album with its understated and fragile production … a completely different approach to the original, but a successful one nevertheless.

“There truly are some beautiful moments on this album and Jeff is in extremely fine voice. [I]f you get a chance you should check it out … or better still, buy yourself a copy.”

The full article on davidbowie.com is here.

The author of this review, the erstwhile TotalBlamBlam, nevertheless expressed some stress in reviewing the art of Duff alongside that of Bowie. Ziggy Stardust “almost sounds out of place” on this album, he felt. But why? Listen to the words, flow with the feels, and you’ll only get as surprised as you ought to be.

Bowie’s web-master then celebrated the cross-over of these gents-des-l’arts in offering a pic of Bowie in a sailor suit, trying to match, for beauty, that of Duff on the cover of Fragile Spaceman. So Blam concluded shis review with a nod, doff, and kind of curtsy to both these artists at once … ideating that

“Jeff’s been wearing sailor clobber for some time now … just sayin’ … great minds, etc.”

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Jailbreak: Because Jeff Duff introduced Mark Chopper Read to Bon Scott at the Southside Six

Posted on 22nd December 2017

Mark Chopper Read Pan MacMillan autobiographyFrom Mark Chopper Read’s autobiography, One Thing Led To Another:

“One time, Jimmy Loughnan and I tried to break out of B Division [at Pentridge Gaol]. We were up in the ceiling above the B Division library, had lollies and cordial and were set to go. But, even before we got out of the place, Jimmy had eaten all the lollies and drunk all the cordial, and so he needed to have a widdle. He widdled into his coat but some of the urine went down the wall […] and we were discovered.

“But I’ve learned recently that that failed escape attempt might have been the reason that Bon Scott from AC/DC wrote the song ‘Jailbreak’.

“When I think about it, that could be true because I once met Bon Scott at the Southside Six Hotel. This was a place I used to go to watch live music in Melbourne. Remember Kush, with Jeff Duff as the lead singer? Yeah, you’re old, aren’t you?

Jeff Duff had a deep voice but there wasn’t much else that was manly about him. He was a pretty flamboyant sort of character. He used to get around on stage dressed in a mink stole and fishnet stockings, and stuff like that. His first album, in 1975, was Snow White and the Eight Straights.

“Well, anyway, at the Southside Six, Jeff Duff introduced me to Bon Scott. I didn’t think a real lot of it at the time, as I used to get introduced to a lot of musicians back then.

“But it would be kind of interesting if Bon Scott had remembered me from that night, heard the story of Jimmy and me trying to get out of prison, and wrote ‘Jailbreak’ for us. It would be a nice way for me and Jimmy to be remembered.”

The book is here via Google

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Più Maestro Duffo: Cammina nel lato selvaggio!

Posted on 17th November 2017

Jeff Duff as Duffo performs the Lou Reed/David Bowie song “Walk on the Wildside”:

Is this from that long-lost Isle of Capris gig?

For more Maestro Duffo alitalia:

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Let’s Dance Las Vegas

Posted on 16th November 2017

JD recently performed at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Vegas. From his FB:

One of the many amazing Vegas highs for me this week was singing with these Memphis legends [below] at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Vegas. No need for a rehearsal with these dudes; from the moment they walked out on stage, they owned it! awesome band, inspiring gig!

More Duff Americana:

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Jeff Duff at Let’s Dance Carinda 2017 [review]

Posted on 8th October 2017

Following on from our preview here of Duff’s stellar performance at the Let’s Dance “Bowie Hotel” in Carinda, New South Wales, here’s some review of the event that was, this Sat 30 September to Mon 2 October:


A 6+ minute doco from Bernard Marden across the Carinda landscape, featuring its locals in celebration, closing in on Duff’s performance as it boomed across the town, then into the famed hotel itself:

Part 2 of a trilogy of first-person tour by Shawn Dare through the festival, here featuring Duff in concert, performing several Bowie songs:

Part 3 of Shawn Dare’s video trilogy, from inside the famed hotel, including interview with the mainman, and with Jak Housden:

Duff performs Golden Years in concert at Carinda:


Coonamble Times

“SO MANY smiling faces,” observed Jeff Duff from the stage at Carinda Showground on Saturday night 30 September.
‘Duffo’ and his band, featuring some of Australia’s top musicians, were the headline act for the second Let’s Dance Festival held in Carinda over the long weekend.
Bowie enthusiasts and music-lovers of all persuasions had made the trek …

Western Magazine

Visitors and locals were dancing in the street on the weekend, when for three massive days a small outback town was transformed into the Let’s Dance Carinda Festival. It was 34 years ago that legendary singer David Bowie shot the music video for ‘Let’s Dance’ in the town’s pub and over the weekend that iconic scene was re-enacted by performer Jeff Duff …

ABC-TV Lateline – includes 6 m 47 s video story + transcript

34 years ago, the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda became the setting of the now-iconic video for the hit song ‘Let’s Dance’. …
(Jeff Duff gets out of a car)

JEFF DUFF, ARTIST: It’s unbelievable. It’s like being in a county fair in midwest America, somewhere. Listen to the music. …
GINNY STEIN: Sydney artist Jeff Duff was once David Bowie’s neighbour. Now he performs his songs in tribute shows and the people of Carinda are hoping David Bowie’s legacy – with Jeff Duff’s help – can keep their town alive. …
JEFF DUFF: I don’t try and impersonate David Bowie. I just – when I do the Bowie shows, I do it as Jeff Duff. I have always dressed the same. I have always worn make-up. I have even got make-up on today. I think he’s just amazing. The legacy of not only his music but his art and technology: he has opened the doors for a lot of modern-day thinkers, you know.
GINNY STEIN: Jeff Duff first met the music legend in London, when Bowie came to see him perform.
JEFF DUFF: And I have always been sort of compared to Bowie; I guess because I’m tall, thin and white.
GINNY STEIN: When Bowie arrived in Carinda, the locals invited him in. Bowie was entranced by the vast landscapes of the outback, but what he saw as Australia’s endemic racism angered him.
JEFF DUFF: He was way ahead of his time with all of these issues. Amazing. So the ‘Let’s Dance’ thing stands for more than just an incredible song: it stands for an awareness. …

The Grey Nomads review the gig!

… The night was a blast, with every visitor from near and far having absolute fun dancing on a bed of dust and burrs. Jeff Duff is arguably a most flamboyant and creative Australian entertainer, best described as a tall waif of a man with a strong voice. Whilst not attempting to imitate David Bowie’s looks, rather keeping with his own style, he sang with gusto and energy. My red shoes certainly got a work out …

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Jeff Duff in “Classic Countdown”

Posted on 1st October 2017

Jeff Duff appears in Classic Countdown on ABC-TV here.

For more: see this vid your very own Institute for Duffological studies clobbered together from what remains to date of this performance, as seen ahead of a showing on Rage (ABC-TV) of a Skyhooks performance at the National Music Awards 1975

This episode of Classic Countdown also features more of Duff hosting the show, adorned with a necklace of sausages …


And let’s round this off with a quote from the iconic host of the show himself writing about Duff:


More about Duff on Countdown in this earlier blogpost here.

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Satellite tubes & views

Posted on 9th September 2017

Jeff Duff‘s performance of Bowie Unzipped in Melbourne’s Satellite Lounge this September has had many fans of the mainmen recording their ecstasy for posterity—in views and verbiage, so to speak, as follows:

“Duffo sings excellent Bowie!” – Happy Sunflower

“Both Artists are sensational singers.” – White Cat.

“Super song of David Bowie’s, sounding phenomenal with Jeff Duff on vocals.” – Coral

“Awesome performance:))” – Planet Blue.

“…. and where are the spiders ?” – Galaxy Glider

~ and as championed by all Duff-Bows,

(~ and some from the Caravan to come …!)

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Remembering Elvis?

Posted on 16th August 2017

elvis duffoLife transcends D, like essence tanscends concept. Like Elvis rings out elliptically, to the last epsilon, beyond our Voyager. Now 40 years, to this day, since this ordinary, folk-anointed king pulled off his Shakespearean shuffle. So Duffological …

Jeff Duff has sung about Elvis, D-wise, in the form of “Walking in Memphis”, that Marc Cohn song (oh yes, that Song of the Year & Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, 1991, Grammy Awards).

Here’s to saints, their little selves … and the fancy they’re preserving us …

Duff on Elvis, from one mainman to another:

A fab tube by Colin Hay of Duff singing the Cohn song in Waterloo, Sydney, 2013, with a lavish dose of his performance arts:

~ and Duff performing this song intimately with his main keysman Glenn Rhodes at the Mullumbimby Music Festival, 2014, as filmed by Anthony White:

~ and at the Thredbo Jazz Festival, 2013:

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Duff addicted in ecstasy

Posted on 12th August 2017

Ecstatic in tailored YSL jacket … photo by Tania Smith

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Jeff Duff in Let’s Dance Carinda [preview]

Posted on 7th August 2017

Sat 30 Sept & Sun 1 Oct + Mon 2 Oct – Carinda (Outback NSW)
featuring Jeff Duff & Band, plus local bands, markets, food & bar, workshops


It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel.

David Bowie films Let’s Dance at Carinda Hotel, NSW for the smash worldwide hit proved the perfect companion for the ground breaking song. The added bonus of the scenes filmed in Carinda and the Warrumbungle National Park created the magical backdrop for what many regard as Bowie’s most distinctive and powerful video.

Since that date, the pub has become a mecca for Bowie fans from all over the world, looking to stand and be photographed in the same spot where Bowie filmed his video.

The town itself has now embraced this historic connection and hosts the annual “Let’s Dance Carinda” festival paying tribute to David Bowie and his remarkable music legacy.

This year the festival will feature the evergreen Jeff Duff and his band, playing both at the Carinda Showground on Saturday 1 September as well as a reenactment of the famous video in the Carinda Hotel on the Sunday. Jeff explains:

 I’m honoured to be following in Bowie’s footsteps to outback Carinda in NSW — the wonderfully remote outpost where Bowie spotlighted the plight of indigenous Australians in his iconic video for “Let’s Dance”. I’ve been a passionate Bowie disciple most of my life and plan on doing whatever I can to to keep the great man’s legacy alive! Jeff Duff

With a population of around 40, Carinda is about three hours drive from Dubbo and its remoteness certainly appeals to the more adventurous visitor. If you are planning to come to the festival there’s plenty of camping space at the local showground and lots of cold beer and drinks at the only pub for miles around. For city slickers it’s a real chance to get a taste of the outback with the added attraction of local bands, activities for both young and old and even a Bowie ‘Look-A-Like Competition’ plus lashings of country hospitality. Carinda would love to see you there! BOOK ONLINE at eventbrite.


Duff performs Let’s Dance

Sydney Opera House, 2014

Enmore Theatre, 2011

The Vanguard (now Leadbelly), Newtown, 2007

Sydney Festival, 2017 (including Starman)

Satellite Lounge, Melbourne, 2017

Bowie performs Let’s Dance at the Carinda Hotel

~ & what about that other venue in the video — the factory where Bowie slave-drives the children? That stark setting was in the Sydney suburb of Guildford. Could that suburb not also do with a Duff-Bowie renaissance?


~ Keep up to date with the event on Facebook Carinda Hotel Let’s Dance

~ ABC article about the Bowie fest at Carinda here with AUDIO from a Radio National feature here

~ and in the Huffington Post here

~ and at the BBC here

More Duff-Bowie gigs: bowieunzipped.com.au

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Jeff Duff in British Invasion Tour

Posted on 6th August 2017

11 minutes of Duff does Bowie in new vid from Paul Lacey of the British Invasion Tour (June-July 2017) — including Let’s Dance, China Girl, Starman — plus duet with “Elton Jack” and Rob Caudill (“Rod Stewart”) doing Under Pressure.


Jeff Duff performed the British Invasion Tour on/at:

  • Thu 22 June / Esso BHP Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre
  • Fri 23 June / REVESBY WORKERS
  • Sat 24 June / BELMONT 16 FOOTERS
  • Fri 30 June / DEE WHY RSL
  • Sat 1 July / WENTY LEAGUES
  • Fri 7 July / TWIN TOWNS
  • Sat 8 July / CALOUNDRA EVENTS Centre
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Duff in the Neighbourhood, and his apartment

Posted on 12th June 2017

Close encounters with Jeff Duff featured in the Neighbourhood Paper for 7 June—including video of Duff escorting the viewer about his apartment, and so his wardrobe, sports trophies and assorted memorabilia.

Jeff Duff featured in the Neighbourhood Paper June 2017

… & for more of Duff as "the cat in the hat", look here

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Duff Odyssey: Sydney Vivid Festival 2017

Posted on 7th June 2017
Quite a Duffological week. From the interviews on 2UE radio and ABC-TV’s One Plus One, to a couple performances by Duff of a sample of songs from his 30-odd original albums, followed by an inteview at the World Bar, Kings Cross as Jeff Duff’s visage shone over the town in the iconic Coca-Cola billboard. All in the ordinary scheme of things for this hardest-working artist in the country, but a whirlwind for the simple fan.
So the Duff Odyssey retrospective was showing on two nights—firstly at Brass Monkey, Cronulla on the Friday (2 June), and then at Leadbelly (ex-Vanguard) in Newtown the following night (3 June). The first was something of a rehearsal for the second. It involved lots of banter with the small but adoring audience in this far-flung province of Sydney. Duff performed two sets, the second involving some Bowie classics, with an encore of Suffragette City. Duff could not oblige further; he had a midnight train to catch back into town. The second show had a bigger, booming sound, with a wildly enthusiastic audience; from where this punter was watching the show upstairs, the mosh-pit looked a total Bacchanale; a mayhem of ecstasy, especially through the climaxes of Duff’s Killing this affair and Bowie’s Young Americans and Under Pressure; and, of course, MacArthur Park. Here’s the songlist of Duff tracks (and that latter signature tune) from the Duff Odyssey shows:

Here’s a sample from one of the performances (at Leadbelly), Duff and the band doing Skinny Girls, originally as part of the Alien Sex Gods—here with Jak Housden on guitar, Glenn Rhodes on keys, and Ben Isackson on drums—making up what must be the most experienced, versatile and talented rock-band in the country. Duff introduced the song with some apology for any perceived misogyny (from misandrists?), explaining that he really wrote the song only about himself (!)
… and another sample from the Leadbelly gig: Duff’s original 1980s single I Want to be the Pilot, from his Lexicon album. There was also a later version on the Jeff Duff Orchestra album, and you can see Duff performing the song with said orchestra here. It’s a resounding, almost Scott Walker-esque (Nite Flights) song, with some searing guitar and back-up singing.
The talk with Paris Pompor (4 June) in a theatrette in the World Bar (ex Kardomah Café), Kings Cross was an intriguing, joyful and even controversial 84 minutes. To much applause and cheering from the audience, Duff reflected on the sorry loss of the Cross’ unique cultural venues and character as it has become gentrified over the years; but added that “change is the only constant”, and it’s not really the Lord Mayor’s fault. He also recounted some performance experiences over the years, including when he first performed in the Cross music/strip-clubs (the Groovy Room, the Whisky a Go-Go) as a youth in the ’70s, and (in the same category, surely) a romp with the TV-soap star Abigail. There were also novel twists and colourings to some of the classic anecdotes, such as the Ray Martin Show ban, and the Ballarat arrest. Also some thrilling news about a plan to re-record the Fragile Spaceman album with the Australian Symphony Orchestra—albeit thwarted, at this stage, by the Australia Council with their deplorable decision to reject Duff’s grant application to assist it (the first time he’s sought what would only be some fitting return from the Oz taxpayer for all the work he’s done for Australian cultural life). Also an anecdote—worthy of a whole NewsCorp article— about Leonardo di Caprio’s "anxious assertiveness" toward the guest-star Duff on the set of The Great Gatsby. Much thrilling, charming news, too, including about new shoes, new suit, and a new bedside bicycle.
abigailduff and di caprio in the great gatsby
Getting “straightened out” by Abigail, and “put in his place” by Di Caprio: A couple of the subjects of Jeff Duff’s talk at the World Bar with Paris Pompor

The event was apparently video-recorded and there are ample pix of the event on JD’s FB; perhaps I’ll upload my personal audio-recording of it, if it doesn’t appear elsewhere and seems kosher. Meanwhile, there’s this video-recording (from Geoff Schuck) of an intimate rendition of MacArthur Park with which Duff closed this engagement. He dedicated it to his neighbour who was in the audience. She applauded the loudest, and can be seen at the end of the clip, in her red cape, rising to her feet, as others just shook their heads in wonder, clapped their hands with what energy they had left, having truly melted away at the majesty of the performance.
And here is the Coca-Cola billboard appearance; filmed in the rain, as various tourists gathered about me with their own cameras to catch whatever speciality I was filming (!). (Sorry to not have video-recorded other episodes of this week; crowds can be so inhibiting, and filming everything can reduce the immediate experience of being there at all.)
And then, the next day, Fullers Bookshop in Hobart was finally seen to carry Jeff Duff’s autobiography, This Will Explain Everything. This Duffologist only had to reshelve the thing; not good enough to simply show its spine amid so many others; the whole cover must be displayed.
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True life: Jeff Duff on One Plus One (ABC TV) and Lifestyle Overnight (2UE radio)

Posted on 5th June 2017


Some entertaining and meaningful interviews with Jeff Duff on mainstream broadcast media of late … classic anecdotes but also, particularly given the interviewing arts of Jane Hutcheon, matters of love and spirituality on ABC-TV’s One Plus One.

Jeff Duff interviewed by Jane Hutcheon on the Australian national public broadcaster
ABC-TV program One Plus One


The interview begins with an extraordinary short piece of footage from ABC-TV’s Countdown program; otherwise known as “lost”; Jeff Duff with a string of sausages. To date, only this other short piece has been recouped: here.

Jeff Duff on Countdown - with sausage

The One Plus One interview has touched many people, perhaps stoking insight into their own appreciation of this artist. Among comments on JD’s FB about this interview, people have said:

· I really enjoyed the interview Jeff. Very honest, and that’s why we all love you 🎤❤
· Awesome interview Jeff…..so natural and honest!
· Honest,erudite, kind, funny – I could go on – loved this Jeff
· It was very interesting.
· Fabulous interview on One plus One, Jeff Duff. One of the best, Man
· Yeah it was fantastic
· Great interview with a great entertainer
· Just finished watching it! Thank you so much. Such a pleasure to listen about your life trails. I’ve learned all about a great entertainer/music man. 😊 This interview with Jane made me smile and feel a tear or two when you talked about the one love of your life. A beautiful story about a time in your life. …. and us humans yes, this is so true about love.
· I have really enjoyed watching this interview of Jeff Duff. I recommend it to everyone.
· Finally got around to watching your ABC interview, Jeff. Beautiful, honest and moving.

And, on Jane Hutcheon’s Twitter feed, there is more of the same—e.g., “the Jeff Duff interview was brilliant, thank you :)”, and “If all men were as honest as Jeff we would all be in a better place :)”— … including from the interviewer herself:

Naturally, one comes across some other reactions: “strange” was one lady’s only response after watching the whole half-hour interview, and a certain bloke laughed at Duff’s show of emotion, and performed a mocking parody of it. … As in the quote from Duff’s father that Hutcheon inspired Duff to relate at the end of the interview, the strength involved in expressing all this, in existing this way, is the most worthy of all.

The interview has been showing on ABC’s iview, but is presently available directly at its One-Plus-One site.

Not to be missed: another contemporary interview: Jeff Duff on Lifestyle Overnight (2UE Radio). With the unrestrained enthusiasm of David Prior, it includes an interesting take on Duff’s early career in Melbourne and Sydney ahead of his flight from Oz.

Jeff Duff interviewed by David Prior on 2UE Radio Lifestyle Overnight

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Jeff Duff: Vivid in Pink

Posted on 26th May 2017

Interview with Jeff Duff in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

Jeff Duff talks about his Euro career, including his go at The Top of the Pops, and his early days as a songster in Kings Cross …

Promoting his participation in Sydney’s Vivid Festival: the Duff-Odyssey retrospective at Leadbelly, Newtown, Sat 3 June [book here], followed by a talk in the Vivid Ideas series Kings Bloody Cross [book here]. See sidebar for more details.


More of Jeff Duff, vivid in pink, in the following slides: Glorious portraits of Jeff Duff in his neighbourhood—Elizabeth Bay, Sydney: The first at the marina; and a couple from a secret garden, Duff in a reflective stance, as if to compose an ode, perhaps to a nightingale, in remembrance, ahearkened to the choir inside his mind.

@ itunes
@ amazon
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Jeff Duff in Polymorphia — update

Posted on 19th May 2017

“An insane man meets the man in his head who makes his dreams.”

That’s the short film by Edward Inchbold with Jeff Duff in a starring role—available now:

See earlier blogpost about this film here.

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